Those Assisting You With Publishing Are Normally Not Your Market er #Advice #FussyFriday😠 #Rant

Those Assisting You With Publishing Are Normally Not Your Market er #Advice #FussyFriday😠 #Rant

OK. This must be my day for ranting. Maybe I’m going to create #FussyFriday😠 I don’t know, but this is aggravating me, you know? Like when you get a tiny paper cut and no matter what you do, no matter how many times you wash it off, you get something into it and it starts stinging and you just have to get rid of that stinging? This, is like that.

Look folks, over the past month or so I’ve gotten these notes from a company debunking things like Online Paid Writing jobs, Contests, and all manner of things which I have sent out information on.

Listen people! Unless they specialize in it, most likely those assisting you with publishing your books no little to nothing about marketing. The Smart, Reliable ones contract that out.

I’m not talking about the FAB FIVE publishing companies, who have people on staff to assist with that sort of thing. I’m talking about companies who are assisting Indie Authors with the publishing of their books.

I Guarantee you that if I sent you a notification about a ‘Paid for Writing job’ or a ‘Writing Contest’ by gum I’ve already researched it and your people sending out this nonsense they’ve gotten from Google where people who have either not followed the guidelines for submitting to a ‘Writing Contest’ or haven’t done the work they were assigned when supposedly working for a ‘Paid for Writing job’ are ranting about things that when you go to the actual sites cannot be proved are true are not valid references for them to be using to debunk what I send out.

If you don’t trust me to do the job of marketing fine, but you could, if you’ve doubts about that which I send you have the decency to ask me to send you factual verification rather than running to someone who has no more experience than a sweet potato about it.

It’s truly annoying and I’ve just about had my fill!

So, this is what I’ve decided to do. From here forward, when I get these little nasty notes debunking what I’ve sent out when what they use to do the debunking is not worth the leaves on said sweet potato, and I learn from where or maybe I should say who they’ve originated I’m just going to mark you off my list for helpful notifications and send them to people who will actually use them to their benefit.

For now, this is Patty who is, according to a friend of hers who just texted “Having a Monday on a Friday” saying…

Do your own blooming research if you don’t believe me rather than running to a sweet potato.

Happy Writing, and Blessid Be.


  1. and some sweet potatos ain’t even sweet!

    1. Good morning Joan.

      No, they’re not. Some have big, nasty, rotten spots with long, moldy sprouts growing out from all sides.

      We’ve eaten a few of those haven’t we?

      But we’ve also spat them out and moved forward onto bigger, and more wonderful things.


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