Thomas’s Birthday Gift #Six-SentenceThursdayLinkUp by Abbie Johnson Taylor #AuthorsCorner

Thomas’s Birthday Gift #Six-SentenceThursdayLinkUp by Abbie Johnson Taylor #AuthorsCorner


Welcome to another edition of Six Sentence Story Thursday Link Up. The prompt word this week is “handle,” and the idea is to write a story, poem, or essay in no more and no less than six sentences, using the word at least once in any way, shape, or form.

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  1. Thanks to Patty for allowing me to post here. I hope you enjoy this little excerpt and will purchase The Red Dress.

    1. Hi Abbie, we’re glad to have you here in Patty’s Worlds. Sorry, I’m so long in getting back to you. Suddenly my site decided I was not allowed to post comments but I’ve brought it back to heel. LOL.

      1. No worries, Patty. I’m glad you got that issue with your commenting resolved.

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