This Week at Unity Church of the Tri-Cities

This Week at Unity Church of the Tri-Cities

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The secret of change is to focus all of your energy, not on fighting the old, but on building the new.  – Socrates


This Week at Unity Church of the Tri-Cities

This Sunday, September 18th, Rev. Carolyn’s lesson will be “Life Expectancy”.  This topic will be supported by our popular “rockin’ reverent” music. The service begins at 11am at Samadhi Healing Arts Center, 423 W. Walnut St., Johnson City.   The Lending Library will be open before and after the service.  Be sure to stay for coffee and conversation.

The Quest: A Journey of Spiritual Rediscovery by Richard and Mary-Alice Jafolla

The Quest is not religious.  It is spiritual.

Spirituality is our inner awareness of a Higher Presence, of a spirit within us, and our highly personal, very intimate connection to it.

Religion refers to organized systems of beliefs and rituals.  Religions are movements created by people for the purpose of defining, understanding, and worshiping a Higher Presence.

Not everyone belongs to a religion.  Many people are not in any way religious.  But everyone is spiritual because, at our nucleus, we are spiritual beings.  A quick glance at crime statistics shows that not all of us have come in contact with this higher aspect of ourselves, but that doesn’t mean it’s not there.  The spirituality of humankind is a universal experience.  It’s our common denominator. 

The quotations of Jesus used in The Quest are not intended to generate or support any particular religious beliefs.  In fact, The Quest regards Jesus not as a religious leader but as a master of life – a cosmic figure.  To interpret His wisdom and teachings and example as “religious” is to completely miss the main thrust and will only blur and diminish them.  At their essence, they are spiritual.  They transcend all “religions”.  Eloquent, yet exquisitely simple, they are profound teachings, highly relevant to our everyday lives.

Individuals and organizations have made many different religions out of Jesus’ words.  Yet in actuality, a person of any (or no) religion, in any part of the world, can find meaning and help in Jesus’ teachings.  They speak to all people, everywhere, and they are as fresh and significant in the twenty-first century as when He walked on the earth.  In fact, more so.  They stand today as an open invitation to anyone who has the awareness.

Only lately are we coming to understand how brilliant, how advanced, was Jesus’ cosmic knowledge.  Science is only now beginning to verify the truth of what He said.  His concepts of the limitless power of the mind, the capacity of love and joy to heal inner (as well as outer) conditions – these and other break-throughs are now measurable in research laboratories.  We are just now starting to get a hint of what their full impact will be in the future. 

You may have thought that you have come this way to achieve some specific goal, to make some dramatic overcoming in your life.  Not so.  The real reason you are here, embarking on The Quest is to know God.  In addition to encountering ideas which reinforce your present beliefs and experiences, you will also be encountering ideas which may be new to you.  Keep and open mind and an open heart.  Because of your dissatisfaction with your present situation, you want change, but if you are not willing to change something, nothing can change!  All change begins with a change in thinking.  All change begins with an open mind.

Secondly, be patient.  Don’t try to “make things happen.”  You want evolution, not revolution!  When you are consistent and faithful in your quest, good things take place in your life.   There is no need to keep checking for results.  Results will simply unfold.

Godspeed on your journey.

Follow us weekly as we go exploring on The Quest. More hints along the path of spiritual rediscovery will be revealed each week.



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Live.  Love.  Learn.      Church of the Daily Word.

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Rev. Carolyn Claiborne, Minister

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