THIS AND THAT THOR’S DAY: Video Trailer for Lucy by Thea Ramsay With Text Description for Blind viewers

THIS AND THAT THOR’S DAY: Video Trailer for Lucy by Thea Ramsay With Text Description for Blind viewers

Go here to see a short promotional video for LUCY, a science fiction novel by Thea Ramsay.


The 42-second video consists of the following:

– Images of the book’s beautiful cover, some star fields, and photos of a young girl and her family.

-The text is as follows, superimposed on the images:

– LUCY, by Thea Ramsay, available at Amazon.

– Lucy wonders if it’s all too good to be true. Ten-year-old Lucy and her parents live on Earth in the last throes of its final holocaust. Who are the Andorphians? What planet are they from?

– LUCY / More info: www.bestebooks.can


Author’s website, with information on her three books and a longer synopsis of LUCY:


  1. Thanks, Abbie, for your interest in my book, “Lucy”.
    I’m also interested in your books.

    What kind of romances do you write? Who are your favorite authors and influences?
    As a teen, I read Barbara Cartland, I also read Danielle Steele. My favorite Danielle Steele book is Remembrance. I enjoyed her portrayal of the glitz and glam of Hollywood, of love and betrayal.
    But my absolute favorite is Victoria Holt, whose Victorian-era romances usually involved old houses, family secrets, and suspense.
    If you like reading romance as much as writing it, I think you’ll like “Lucy”. You see, it’s not just a sci-fi/fantasy. It’s also a teen/YA romantic sci-fi/fantasy.

    Eleven-year-old Lucy Smith and her family are attempting to leave a war-torn, messed-up Earth. They will either leave by family suicide, or, if they’re lucky, they will be accepted as refugees on another planet.
    Just as they are about to take the first option by drinking poison, a stranger arrives with the news that they’ve been accepted as refugees on Andorpha. Their lives saved by a mail mix-up, they prepare to venture toward a new home: the planet Andorpha.
    The inhabitants of the planet are somewhat xenophobic because their society is so lovely, they don’t want any outsider wrecking it. Yes, Andorpha is a love-worshipping, romance-based utopia. Though the mean temp is below zero year-round, and they believe their climate has been cursed by previous outsiders, the Andorphians are big, cuddly people covered by thick, fluffy fur.
    While Lucy’s friend-turned-sister Kim melts into the first pair of furry arms to embrace her, Lucy remains aloof.
    “Lucy” and the books to follow in this series isn’t just a sci-fi fantasy. It’s a romance. Not between two people, but the whole damn planet is in love! The Andorphians are forever touching. They rub foreheads to say hello like cats do. They hug and kiss all the time. They woo. Sweethearts and married couples woo. Parents and children woo. They’re lithe and tactile as hell. Yet, this is not a hedonistic society. There’s no erotica.
    In an old favorite Christmas song, Sinatra sings “the world falls in love”. On Andorpha that is true every day of the year. I would gladly brave the frozen landscape for a paradise like that. How about you?

  2. Oops: A slight error was made when typing the Canadian Best Ebooks site.
    The address should read
    CA is the way Canadian websites are written. Can will only take you to a broken link.
    Other than that, everything above is perfect, eh?

    1. Hi, thank you for commenting. Next time, just copy and paste the link in. You’ll have a lot less trouble.

      1. Patty, you wrote the link wrong. I did copy and paste the link. It took me to a page not found.
        CA, capital C capital A is how Canadian websites end. I merely mentioned that this was a typo and corrected it. The link you wrote in won’t take anyone anywhere. Hence, I corrected it.
        I copied the link, deleted the “n” and now the link will work.
        That was not a criticism. I merely corrected a typo.

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