Third Thursday Poets by Abbie Johnson Taylor #WednesdayWords #WeeklySmile #AuthorsCorner

Third Thursday Poets by Abbie Johnson Taylor #WednesdayWords #WeeklySmile #AuthorsCorner

Attending my local poetry group’s monthly meetings always makes me smile. Most of the time, I’m inspired to write a poem, and we always have fun together.

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Third Thursday Poets #WednesdayWords #WeeklySmile #Poetry


  1. Thanks to Patty for letting me share this here. What made you smile this past week? Please feel free to share either here or on my blog.

  2. Good morning, Abbie and All.
    Thanks Abbie for sharing your work here.
    I find something to smile about several times each day. It might be a game of ball or tug with Blue, it might be the sounds of birdsong in the trees as we walk. It’s in the call of one neighbor to another with good wishes for the day.
    There are so many things to smile about it’s incredible and impossible to name them all.
    Thanks again and have a blessed day.

    1. I agree, Patty. Sometimes, with so many things to make me smile, it’s hard to find one thing to write about each week.

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