Thinking with Abe

Thinking with Abe

Everything you do is for the purpose of the joy that it is giving you. And so, when you don’t see something through, it means that it stopped producing the joy that you were hoping to receive. Of course, it is always better if you have anticipated something and you’ve stayed lined up with it. If you’re lined up with it, then it’s joy when you’re thinking about it even before you start, and it’s joyful as you start, and it’s intoxicating as you’re going, and it’s fulfilling as you do it, and it’s satisfying as you finish it and you’re in alignment the whole way on that. – Abraham

For me, most everything I do in my life is this way. I’ve realized I agreed to this journey, when my spirit entered the body, and so I have learned not to fight the flow.

Oh! at times, I get thinking I need to take hold of the oars, and row, and sometimes we all must, but anymore, I’m learning the joy is the journey, and I am the river, flowing, guided by the banks, and drifting into the sea. The sea of life.

I don’t know what inspired me to write. I’d only meant to copy and paste the post, but once I reread, I had to write.

Earlier today, I felt some real fear. I’ve started a new medication, and part of its job is to help me to not be so explosive, when under stress, and while I’ve always been able to put medications, and my body in line with one another, I felt this morning as if I were facing a barrier against all emotion, and I do not want that.

At first I started to panic, started to say that I was not going to take it anymore, but before long, I was meditating, and talking with my hire power, and soon, I had the answer.

When it came time to take meds, I was ready, and as I took each one I said, “Medication, enter me, do your job, and help me be as I wish to be.”

I remembered why I’d requested it. Not to mask the emotion but to assist me with taking off the edge, so I could put into practice the coping skills I have known for so long, but was not able to access due to my explosive anger.

Now, this afternoon, my heart, mind, body, soul, and spirit, are all aligned again, and I’m feeling much better.

Thanks for reading if you have, and blessed may you be.

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  1. This was originally written on Saturday May, 27, 2017.

    Shared here today.

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