THINKING THOR’S DAY – Meet author of the Tracy Gayle Series Trish Hubschman

THINKING THOR’S DAY – Meet author of the Tracy Gayle Series Trish Hubschman

Last week, in our group I put out a prompt asking members to write about who they were, their business Etc. I asked them to be both informative and engaging. I wanted them to make me want to get to know them better. Asked them to make it so I had to run right then and there to get their book, product or service. Trish, took me at my word and so far hers has been my best entry.

So, without further ado, I give you Trish Hubschman.


Thinking Thursday


My name is Trish Hubschman. I write the Tracy Gayle mystery series. I have five books published in it so far: Tidalwave, Stiff competition, Ratings Game, Uneasy Tides and Gayle’s Tales, the last of which was released in December 2022. For my next publication project, I’m considering an FBI series. Danny Tide and  Tracy Gayle would still be a part of it.

I also write short stories and poetry of all genres.

For the first  decade of this century, I was a member of Romance Writers of America and the Long Island chapter of it. Since 2018, I’ve belonged to Behind Our Eyes, a writers’ group for people with disabilities.

I was born in New York and lived on Long Island until December 2019. Four days before Christmas that year, My husband, Kevin, and i moved to Northeast Pennsylvania. It was a much-needed fresh start for us and our one and a half year old Dachsund-mix dog, Henry. In January and April of that year, our beloved dogs, Hope and Charlie, passed away. Henry got a new house, so did we

I’m deaf-blind and now use a walker or wheelchair. I have a progressive neurological condition. I do the best that I can and accept me as me.

I started writing poetry in 6th grade and short stories in 7th. I tended to write about disabled children or talking animals with disabilities, all of which found a way to overcome. I was a shy kid and lonely. I didn’t have many friends and felt I stood out like a sore thumb. I was different from other kids, but never understood why. I think that’s how the creative side of me was born. I created my own friends to hang out with through writing. I had pen to paper spinning a tale or writing a poem more often than I can count.

I love to write, love my characters and this shines through in my work.

To check out my Tracy Gayle creations, visit my website at:

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