Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

Thinking Aloud On a Sunday

This is an interesting post.
I have some of the issues with EReaders spoken of here and I thought it was just me and the voice over not getting along with the reader. Now maybe…?
As to books, give Elevation by Stephen King a try. Short read but way powerful and different.
Of course you could just go back to reading blogger’s books.


  1. Thanks, Patty. I will add your S. King recommendation to the list. 🙂 As for blogger’s books, I am usually happy to give those a try!
    Best wishes, Pete.

    1. I think you might enjoy King’s book. It is a great read. I read the audio version which he narrated and was great.

      Made me cry at the end of the first story. It’s two short stories which are both quite different but I found commonalities.

      As to blogger’s books, you might check out my, “My Book” section here on the blog.

      Not tooting my horn or trying to high-jackk a post but Bubba Dog who just happens to be a King too, and I have both written books.

      1. Patty, send me a short bio, and a photo to add to the post. Add links to your site, and where the books can be bought, and I will feature you on my ‘Blogger’s Books’ series with pleasure. You will have your own post on here, and can answer any comments. It will not be edited, and will be seen by the potential 3943 followers, as well as being shared on Twitter and LinkedIn.
        I might even get around to reading and reviewing your work, one day. 🙂
        Very best wishes, Pete.

        1. Sure thing and thank you.

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