Their they Stood on the Rivers Edge

Their they Stood on the Rivers Edge


By  Patty L. Fletcher


There they stand on the river’s edge,

Their love and bond they forever pledge.

Their walk here tried and true,

Tossing  rose petals for lives old and new.

The wind blows them downstream,

The current carries them away on broken wing.

The heartache drowned in tears cried on many a day,

But flowers floating wash them all away.

Love by night, plan by day.

Make your escape while he’s away.

You lie awake night after night.

Plans come and then go by the way,

Rejected again and again.

“No!” you hear yourself say.

“Not again, not this day.”

Finally the day comes when you can take no more.

You hear him once again coming through the door.

You know that anger, you feel his energy roar.

Free at last from him, you are forever torn.

Anew you are suddenly and unmistakably reborn.

The gunshot, clear and bright,

Rings out in the night.

Finally, finally, free at last.

Run, baby. Run, pack!

Run! Run! Never! Look! Back!

Fly free and fast.

Freedom, may it forever last.


Patty Fletcher's first book coverThis poem was written in honor of the cover photo seen on my newly released book Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life. In the photo Campbell and I are shown standing on the edge of the Holston River tossing flowers in to the water in remembrance of victims of Domestic Violence, of which I am a survivor.



  1. I love that poem, and I know the feeling of being free from the emotional and verbal abuse I suffered at the hands of my ex-husband and his family. Although there are times when he still loves to intimidate me, I know that I can come back home and be free from the constant yelling and humiliation.

    1. Patty here, I’m glad you like the poem. I got the idea for it after hearing the song Gun Powder and Led. I know that isn’t the answer, and if you’ve read my book you know my EX is in prison for unrelated crimes, but I fear when he gets out. I am assuming that the reason you still deal with your EX is that you share children? Otherwise why?

      1. Have a daughter.

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