The Writer’s Grapevine December -January Edition – Sips of Wine from the Grapevine – Deadlines – Guidelines – and More #Author’sCorner #BusinessCorner #NewsNuggets #What’sUp

The Writer’s Grapevine December -January Edition – Sips of Wine from the Grapevine – Deadlines – Guidelines – and More #Author’sCorner #BusinessCorner #NewsNuggets #What’sUp

Hello, I hope all are doing well.

Here, I’m feeling rested and renewed, after taking Saturday off. Sometimes, you must take a break from everything.

Though I was proofreading a manuscript which I’m nearly ready to relinquish to the first proofreader – editor, I was able to clean house, organize cabinets and drawers, while experiencing my manuscript as people will if they purchase any format of an eBook.

Because it reads fairly well, I took the opportunity to listen as a reader and I found this to be extremely helpful.

However, rather than go and try to rewrite yet again I want to give my editor a turn at it.

Author Proofreader and Valued Friend, Jo Elizabeth Pinto will be proofreading and making light edits.

I’ll be taking notes as I read the rest today.

Those notes along with the draft, battered as it is will go to her and I’ll await her magik touch.

After which, I’ll be searching for a Beta reader. I’ll send more information out about this as it develops.

Speaking of editing and proofreading…

We now have two editors and a proofreader for The Writer’s Grapevine Magazine.

When I put out the call for assistance with the magazine, the response was quick and sure.

From here forward, Abbie Taylor, and Marlene Mesot will be providing editing and Joan Myles will be proofreading.

Once they’re done, Two Pentacles Publishing

Will work their magik.

Thanks ladies for your assistance. It’s much-appreciated.

In the meantime, fall is knocking on the door and soon, swimsuits will be replaced with sweaters and pumpkins will be on every porch rail, stoop and window seal lighted at sunset for all to enjoy.

Then, Thanksgiving will slide up and before you know it, Christmas bells will be ringing throughout the town.

The Writer’s Grapevine Midsummer June July Edition was a smashing success. I’m attaching it here in hope that those who haven’t read yet, will do so and those who have may enjoy it again.

I’m also including the link.

Read The Midsummer edition Here.

It is also hoped, everyone will share it everywhere they can.

If you’re receiving this via digest email, Facebook or blog post and you didn’t get a regular copy from me directly to your email, please let me know by sending an email directly to:

Place your name and the email you wish to have the magazine sent to in the body of your message along with your request.

The deadline for The writer’s Grapevine Holiday Extravaganza December – January Edition is, November 1, 2022 5 PM Eastern.

This is a new deadline and from here forward, the deadline for issues will be on the first of every month prior to the magazine’s release.

Please make sure to name your file with the following…

Title, author name and desired column.

Example: Paws on the Street – Chief Seeing Eye® Dog Blue Is on the Case – Patty Fletcher Author’s Corner GV

Photo file attachments likewise please?

Have fun. Be creative. Think seasonal and celebratory.

If there have been hard times, you may if you wish write of them. We’re all here for one another.

If you’ve got a particular book out which fits this time of year well, send a selected excerpt in our guideline format and we’ll consider it for publication.

Be poetic.

The upcoming seasons can provide such inspiration as is not found at any other time of the year.

Use your imagination.

We can all use a little make-believe during these uncertain times.

Let loose your muse and create a fun happy place to be.

Please note, even if something you send doesn’t make it into the magazine, it is quite possible you’ll be contacted to have it published in the Sips of Wine from the Grapevine segments which come out between magazine editions.

The deadline for Sips of Wine from the Grapevine fall columns is November 20, 2022 5 PM Eastern.

I’m also attaching a copy of our latest guidelines here.

Please feel free to submit anything at any time.

I have #socialMediaMonday and #WordPressWednesday as well as #WordsOfWisdomWoden’sDay categories and columns to fill as well.

Happy reading and writing.

May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be.

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