The Wheel Really Does Turn, When Will We Learn?

The Wheel Really Does Turn, When Will We Learn?

Good morning everyone! Today I’ve been listening to the news, and I have to tell you, I’m amazed! I’m amazed that we’re living as we are, doing as we are, and not realizing that we are, as a people, destroying the very world we say we wish to save.

I do not care what faith you choose to believe. Every single one of them has a story of creation, and a story of destruction, and a new beginning. They all have a story of an afterlife too, but that’s a post for another day.

This morning as I was listening to NPR Morning Edition, I heard a report about the sun, and its health benefits, and risks. That got me thinking. Long ago, people worked in the sun for long hours. They probably did get bad sunburn and most likely there were skin Cancers. However, I doubt there were nearly as many as there are today. Why is that? Because over the years, we’ve destroyed the natural barrier put in place at creation, and now we’re paying the consequence for our neglect.

We talk about water shortage, we talk about pollution, and we talk about what should or should not be done about it.

We argue over, whether Global Warming is real or fake, and we argue over whether the changes in the climate are nature, or nurture.

My thoughts are, yes the wheel really does turn, and my question is, when are we going to learn?

OK, let’s take the most popular story of destruction and renewal. The Flood. Let’s say the flood happened. Let’s say all those people, but the best of the best were destroyed, and that enough animals were kept to repopulate upon dry out. So, if we believe this is true, then why on this Wonderful, Awesome Earth are we doing the same stuff we were doing way back then? And don’t give me that crap about you’re not doing it, and you believe and all that! We are all doing it! Me, you, all of us.

People don’t recycle like they should. They run air conditioners on days when their windows could be open, letting in the fresh air. We leave lights, TVS Radios, and all sorts of stuff running when we’re not even home.

We don’t reuse things. We aren’t taking of the Earth, and I have a feeling she is just about sick and tired of taking care of us.

So, folks, what has to happen before we really get it? How many people have to die before we really wake up?

As I continued listening to the news, they began to talk about crime. Once again, I asked the question, When will we learn? First of all, some of the laws we have make no sense, and in fact cause crimes to be committed. Then we have people in prisons, being warehoused, like animals. They’re not being rehabilitated. No one is teaching them correct ways of behavior. Most of them don’t have education when they enter, and while I know there are programs in prisons to do so, the conditions in which these people are living in, are such that they’re too busy trying to survive to do anything about being rehabilitated, and educated. I’ve seen what can happen to folks who have done long, hard time, and whether they deserve to be there or not, is not the issue, it’s what are they going to do when they get out?

Again, back to the flood. If God really did destroy the world with a flood because of man’s horrid behavior, then don’t we think we should’ve learned from that, and should we not be trying to find, and cultivate the good in folks, rather than making them worse than they were when they got into trouble in the first place?

What’s going on in our country, and this world, is in my opinion inexcusable. Our President rants and raves at times like a blooming idiot. If I acted and spoke as he does at times, I’d be told I needed therapy, medication, and possibly hospitalization. ‘Oh! Wait! I have done that already!’ So, is it possible he has some mental illness? Yes, does that mean he should not be our President? Unless he can get himself under control a bit better, than yes. What about other leaders round the world. What about for example the leader of North Korea? He won’t even think, about listening to reason? So, are people like these I’ve mentioned, as well as many others, going to just continue and continue, to reek havoc upon our world, and contribute to yet another destruction?

Are we going to continue to toss cigarette butts and other nasty junk onto our beautiful Mother Earth, thus, contributing to yet another destruction?

If, indeed the Bible is correct, it says we shall be destroyed by fire next time. I don’t know about the rest of you, but I do not really wish to burn to death!

So, what is the answer? I think there are many answers, many things we can do, but the first thing to do is to Stop Repeating Our Mistakes! The next thing to do is to sit down, as an entire world and find some common ground on which we can all stand, and then figure out how to make changes which will benefit us all.

The Earth was created for All, not Some.

Until next time this is Patty, who is sick of watching us all destroy each other, and her awesome King Campbell, from whom, everyone could take a lesson of love from saying…
Remember, we all look at the same moon. Blessid Be.

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