The Walk That Shouldn’t Have Been: and the Magnifficent Beast

The Walk That Shouldn’t Have Been: and the Magnifficent Beast

Hi campbellsworld Visitors! I’m here this afternoon with a story that will help anyone who just really doesn’t understand why my Campbell is King in my world to do so. I know there are some who are absolutely of my going on and on in amazement of this dog, and I have actually been asked by handlers of dogs like mine when I was going to get over it. My answer has always been, and will always be, “The day I get over being amazed and grateful is the day I no longer deserve to hold the harness in my hand and to own and handle one of these most magnificent dogs.

Earlier today I decided that it might do Campbell and I good to get out in the sun and fresh air, and so even though I have been feeling a bit under the weather I set off for a walk to our favorite little corner store. As we went along, we encountered an obstacle in the sidewalk. As is Campbell’s way he stood for a moment figuring the best way round, then he gave a small tug on his harness, asking for permission to go ahead, and I gave him the forward command to signal him to do so. As we worked our way round the car we had to go out into the street, and while this was going on I began to feel really feverish and a bit disoriented. I did not at all realize how far out into the street we’d had to go and was not moving very quickly. Suddenly! Without warning, a truck came flying passed! Campbell heard and it coming up behind us, and just as it was going by without even so much as slowing a fraction he pulled me quickly to the curb. He practically pulled me off my feet in doing so because I was so weak, but we made it back onto the walk without any injury and I was ever proud of him, and simply just stopped right where I was, knelt down, buried my face into his fur and cried with relief. I put my arms round his neck and said, “Bubba I am ever grateful for you. I love you with all my might, and I do not at all know what I ever did without you at all ever!” What was his reaction? He kissed my face, took my arm in his mouth and made soft GRR GRR noises, as if to say, “It’s all good in the hood mom, I got you always and forever!”

So yall can think I should just get over it if you want, but I never will. Not ever. These dogs do not get a choice. As Campbell himself says in Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye “You see, we dogs don’t get much of a choice, and the only way we can say no is to simply not do it.” Campbell loves working for me, and he makes it more than clear he would have it no other way.

As I am typing he is lying here waiting for it to be Tummy O’clock and it is quite tempting for me to give him a treat, but part of loving him is not over doing those, and so he gets all my most grateful and passionate love that I can give.

If ever you’d like to help others to experience the type of wondrous freedom and love that I do each day please be sure and visit and make a donation. If you should do so please? Tell’em King Campbell AKA Bubba sent you.

Until next time this is Patty and Campbell saying…
May harmony find you blessid be.

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