The Void of Peace

The Void of Peace

I woke in the wee hours. Just as the clock was saying 2 A M ‘The Void Time,’ I thought sleepily, and sat up. Campbell stretched lazily at my feet and yawned hugely. ‘Bug! I love you!’ I said, gathering the massive dog in my lap. He scooted cooperatively in place, and sighed a contented sigh as I began to rub his belly. We stayed like that for a few minutes, me enjoying the slow waking process, and Campbell seeming to do the same. Bob Cat was nowhere to be seen, but I knew he was inside, because I’d fed him just before lying down.

Now, here I was in ‘The Void,’ and writing, reading, and beginning my day. I ran across a message from someone who had, obviously, to me at least, missed the point of something I’d posted, they’d reproached me for it and I felt annoyed and slightly upset at how they’d taken what I’d written. Seemed to me that me and this person butted heads, just a bit too much in some ways, and in others we got on famously.

Just when I was about to get a bit unnecessarily worked up about it, I ran across the following, and it did sooth my soul. I hope it might bring comfort to you if you should need it, and if not, please pass it on to someone who does.

Blessid Be…


When you awaken each morning, it might be nice if you asked for the peace of God to be with you and all you touch that day. If you are one with God’s consciousness, no man can come against you. If you ask for this attunement each day (and it doesn’t matter what words you use), it will change the quality of your life. 

You may find yourself talking less. To find the peace within, it’s often necessary to become quiet verbally so that you can hear the voice of love from within that tempers all associations in the outer world.

John-Roger, D.S.S.


Institute for Individual and World Peace®

Extract from: The Way Out Book, p. 20


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  1. This was a great article that you wrote. Keep up the good work. Say hi to Bob kitty and Campbell for me.

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