The Universe’s Plans #What’sUp

The Universe’s Plans #What’sUp


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Edited slightly to remove discussions not relative to the story.

This morning, after catching up my email and Social Media notifications, I was feeling a bit of anxiety. Figuring it was due to having too much pent-up energy, I decided a walk was in order. But it soon became apparent that the Universe had other plans for me. While readying to go, I suddenly changed my mind and began sorting clothes and straightening my closet, dresser and chest of drawers.

This project, which I’d expected would take maybe 2 or 3 short chapters of a book I was reading worth of time, turned into a 2 and ½ hour job.

First, I went through all the things in my dresser, chest of drawers, and large tote that lives in the bottom of my closet. I sorted, separated and made decisions about what would be kept, what would be donated and what would be thrown out for lack of use.

Soon, I discovered that I had a mid-sized box of nice donations. I began to wonder how I would manage to get them to a clothes closet or the Salvation Army.

Whilst resting on top of a soft bundle of Bubba’s blankets I’d stumbled upon the talking clock on my bedside table announced, “It’s 11 AM.” I popped up out of the floor, a thrill of knowing rushing through me as I leapt across Bubba’s blankets into the hall.

Grabbing up the box, I hurried into the kitchen and plopped the box onto the top of the washing machine declaring, “When the Meals On Wheels delivery volunteer from the church comes bringing food, they’ll take away these clothes. Someone somewhere needs them!”

I was overjoyed. I couldn’t believe what was happening. I was filled with absolute certainty that someone was in need of what was in that box right then and there.

A few moments later, when the knock on my back door came, I flung the door open with such fervor the man delivering the food took an involuntary step back. “I’m sorry!” I burbled. “You just won’t believe it!”

As I settled the to go box of warm delicious smelling food onto my counter I asked, “Do you all have a clothes closet?”

The man explained that the church did indeed take clothing but only if they were doing a donation drive and that they didn’t have one going on now. Seeing my disappointment, he asked, “But why?”

I explained what I’d done and showed him the box. With a smile in his voice he said, “Well, we can’t take them, but I can certainly drop them off at the Salvation Army for you. They’re sure to need them this time of year.”

I was so happy I wanted to hug him but given today’s circumstances, I settled for a huge smile and joyous “Thank You! I just know that someone somewhere needs those clothes right here and now! There is a mixture of women’s and men’s clothing in there. When cleaning out the back of the closet this morning, I came upon a whole pile of men’s sweaters that came with me from my old house which I at one time shared with my now EX. All the clothes in this box have been laundered. I hope they find a good home.”

A little later, as I sat eating my lunch in the sun, I had the best feeling I’d had in a week. The anxiety I’d felt earlier was gone and though all my muscles were yelling because I’d put them through a workout of bending, squatting, stretching sitting and standing, the satisfaction and peace of mind, heart and spirit I’d found shown over it all!

So, you see, exciting news and blessings come in all shapes and sizes.

I’ll never know what becomes of those clothes. But I’ve no doubt that they will fall into the correct hands.

Until next time, this is Patty here to say…

Don’t let anyone tell you housework isn’t exercise. May Harmony find You and Blessid Be.

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