The Spiritual Guide and His Lady MoonWalker

The Spiritual Guide and His Lady MoonWalker


In Honor of Valentine’s Day an Excerpt from Derrick

As she and King  swam among the water’s plant and animal life, she felt a peace and calm settle over her she’d not felt in months. She also felt a presence, Derrick’s presence, strong and alive. She rose from the water and stood stretching naked and dripping on the shore, as the wind swirled around her she smelled his scent. “Derrick! My love!  Where are you?” She called to the dark. “Show yourself; don’t hide yourself from me like a coward!”

As she stood she embraced the power completely and after clothing herself in a gold and silver silk robe, she spoke the following words.

Arise; make haste, my beloved, my beautiful one, and come!

For see, the winter is past, the rains are over and gone.

The flowers appear in the land, the time of pruning has come,

And the voice of the turtledove is heard in our land.

The fig tree puts forth figs, and the vines, in bloom,

Give forth fragrance. Arise, my beloved, my beautiful one, and come!

O my dove in the clefts of the rock, in the sweet recesses of the cliff,

Let me see you, let me hear your voice, for your voice is sweet and you are lovely.”

~Song of Songs 2:8-14

Just then a huge crash of thunder shook the ground beneath her, and King let out a fierce growl, and a volley of barks. Then Derrick stood dripping wet and naked in front of her. His shoulder length chestnut brown hair falling in wet ringlets around his face, and the flashes of lightning glistening off his wet, and darkly tanned skin. At first she wasn’t sure it was really him. Once before she’d been deceived by someone seeming to be him from the spiritual world, and she’d nearly been killed as a result of her mistake. She could smell him, believed he was standing in front of her, but since she couldn’t physically see him she hesitated. “It’s really me, darling.  I won’t hurt you. I promise.” He reached for her but again she stepped hesitantly back, staggering in the fierce wind as she did so.  “Leigh, it’s Derrick.” She stood still. She listened for any difference in his voice; she scented the air herself trying to make absolutely sure it was him this time. She wanted it to be she wanted it more than anything on earth but could it really be? She stood listening to his heart beating. Slow, and Steady.

Something about it briefly caught and held her attention.

Something was different about it, but she couldn’t put her finger on it.

Just as quickly as the thought entered her mind it seemed to be swept away with a shrieking blast of wind.

Thunder crashed!   As the storm began to rage around them again. 

As he stood quietly watching her struggle with what she knew in her heart was real but feared to believe it really could be his arms ached to hold and comfort her, and his very soul felt the strain she was feeling at that moment in time.

He sent a single thought to her.

He watched with love, pride, and delight as the realization of him slowly dawned on her face.  Then he saw she was sure, and he held his arms out   for her saying, “Come here, to me Sweet Heart. Come to Derrick.”   As she   ran to him.     She laughingly reached for him with eagerness and longing in her very soul.  As the two embraced, she felt their bond mend, and knew he’d finally left Lisa far behind. As he gathered her closer to him,

She raised herself upward on to her tip toes, and grazed his neck with her teeth, biting ever so slightly in to his skin, leaving just the tiniest bit of a mark behind; tasting his blood ever so faintly in her mouth, laughing as she did, and then stepping back from him, “What did you do?” She asked in a hoarse husky voice. “How did you escape her?” He breathed deeply of her scent and said, “I simply told her I loved her no longer, and broke our seal. I’m yours if you’ll have me…” He knelt in front of her, and as he did so tears filled his eyes.

Then taking her hands tenderly in his. He kissed each finger, lingering only a moment sucking on each one just inside his mouth with his lips gently pressing around them.  “I love you; want to be with you, and long to hold you each and every night. He declared, speaking each fraise after having had her fingers in his mouth one by one.

Tears of a mixture of both bitter regret at how he’d unknowingly let her down, as well as the sweet joy of now having her back, safe and sound in his life.

 Rolled slowly down his face as he spoke.

 “Will you please give me a chance to earn your love and trust again? Will you allow me the privilege of holding you, loving you, and being a true husband, partner and lover to you?”  She did not correct him; he would have to earn it, even her love. She couldn’t have him trance all over her again as he had done before. He’d finally and completely come in to his powers while they had been apart, and now she believed, they could learn and grow together. What she didn’t know was that he’d also risen high in rank and was now her chosen spiritual   guide and instructor for   life. As well as her chosen husband, and partner.



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