The Small Dog is under the weather… | The Small Dog

The Small Dog is under the weather… | The Small Dog

I’ve been feeling under the weather, It is winter and bones can get cold… Especially when you reach my age And your two-legs keeps saying “You’re old.” * Now, I know that in ‘dog years’ I’m eldest, Though the theory has been disproved That I’ll age seven years in your twelvemonth So the argument leaves…
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  1. Thanks for sharing, Patty 🙂

    1. My pleasure. Getting my daily dose of doggy. I especially like when she talks about squeaking things all day. Campbell was a huge lover of all things squeaky. Those which are not chewed to bits are waiting patiently on a new dog.

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      1. Ani has mixed feelings about squeaky things… some of them seem to worry her a bit.

        1. I had a friend who had a guide dog that would whimper and cry when she squeaked her toys. She said people told her the dog looked as if she were worried that she were hurting the toys when they squeaked. She must have perceived their squeaking as crying.

          You just can never be 100 percent sure what’s in a dog’s head.

          And, sometimes I think you might want to be glad.


          That having been said, I miss having a dog. I love my new cat. Prince Edward is quite wonderful but he’s just not the same as having a dog.

          PS. Still holding sacred space for you daily.

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