The small dog and the gardener…


  1. Thanks for sharing, Patty.

    1. Oh, I loved it. It was my pleasure. I shared it onto Facebook and tagged my landscape guy. LOL.

      1. Ah… I hope he appreciates it LOL

        1. Hi. Well, I think he will. I know I did.

          1. I’m glad!

          2. What kind of dog is Ani?

          3. A lunatic.
            Oh… sorry… she says I have to tell you her mother was an English Setter and her father a Nove Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever.

          4. LOL.

            I like the first definition.

            Campbell’s that way some. He seems to be feeling better after his visit to the groomer. They put him in a warm tub and massaged him and cleaned him all up and he’s got a labby bounce back in his step.

            *** Ani, King Campbell here, don’t listen to either of our humans. You’re not a lunatic.

          5. Glad he is feeling better, Patty.

            Ani says to tell her friend that two-legses have a lot of weird ideas…

          6. Hi Sue and Ani.

            King Campbell here, Ani, I totally agree.

            Sue, today I felt well enough to go on a long sniff fest up and down our street. I had lots of doggy messages to pick up.

          7. Nothing quite like reading your pee-mail, is there ?

          8. Not at all. Mine was all piled up from being laid up for so long.

            I’m an old man and sometimes my bones ache terrible, but the sun was out nice and warm today so I liked it fine.

            Got to go take a nap now. Sun is shining on my favorite spot.

            Besides mom wants the puter.

          9. They always want the ‘puters when we are busy…

          10. Yes!


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