The small dog and the gardener… | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

The small dog and the gardener… | Sue Vincent’s Daily Echo

The grass had grown, was far too long, My mower wouldn’t cope. What if I trimmed it down a bit? That might work. I could hope. I got the trimmer all set up, The dog would not go in, Just stood there with a lolling tongue And all-too-knowing grin. “As if,” she seemed to say…
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  1. Thanks for sharing, Patty!

    1. Hi, I enjoyed this. I was at the vet when I read it. How timely. 🙂

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      1. Hope Campbell is doing okay.

        1. Yes, Campbell is doing well. Thank you for asking. He just had to go for a check up and shots. He also got a bath. Only trouble he had is an air infection which they treated. Labs are bad for getting those because of their floppy years. It’s that time of year. I knew he had one and I had been putting drops in his ears but I don’t have to do that now because they feel them full of some kind of medicine. We went to the store after we got through at the veterinarian, and he was offended when I tried to use my cane. He said, look, I’m not too old to leave you into the store. LOL.

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          1. Bless him, glad he’s okay.

          2. Me too. Always stress just a little when I take him to the veterinarian. Thanks again for asking. We are going to rest for the rest of the evening. I am reading the rest of where the crawdad sing. If you cannot read that book you should pick it up and read it. It’s really good.

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          3. I’ll look it up, Patty…thanks 🙂

          4. It’s a rather emotionally charged book, but quite good.

            Where the Crawdads Sing will be one of my favorites of 2019.

            So will A Painted House.

            Books will make a good way for you to rest from all your gardening.


          5. Rest is not on the menu for a while yet 🙂

          6. I understand, and with a dog, small or large when it is, it won’t stay long.

          7. My ‘small dog’ is, in fact, a rather large dog…and she seldom does rest at the same time as I’d like to…

          8. I thought she might be large.

            I’m glad she rests when you do.

            Sometimes Campbell’s just getting wound up to play about the time I want to lie down. LOL.

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