The Raw Truth – Prologue

The Raw Truth – Prologue

The Raw Truth – Prologue



Good Tuesday morning to you all Friends and Neighbors. Campbell and I welcome you back. If you are reading this now, we assume you’ve enjoyed our first work, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life, and you were so excited and in wonderment and were so on the edge of your page, you couldn’t wait to see what happened after that bitter sweet long ago day in October 2011, or you’re simply curious. 

King Campbell and I are happy to have you along. This engaging new exciting story is designed to take you a bit further into the journey my incredible boy and I had to undertake which hurled us through many frightening and dark times, but that now carried us in to the brightest sun light of all, and that is true fantastic freedom. 

We had to overcome a few dreadful demons along the way, or I should say I did, and King Campbell was there to lovingly and strongly light my way and guide me through as he was meant to be. Together we found a much warmer and beautiful life we have decided we like quite nicely. No things aren’t quite the way we want them just yet, but I’ve learned that the best part of the Trip of Life, is always going to be the journey, and that we’re never really done at all.

Campbell and I hope you will sit down with us, and enjoy this story, because it is true. In fact, it is the Raw Truth just as the title proclaims.

No sugar coating or hiding of secrets here. I learned the painful lesson of keeping too many of those, and that story was told in my first book, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life.

Oh yeah, we’ve all got a few creepy, scary skeletons we have to keep in the closet, if for nothing else but to scare ourselves straight again when we stray too far toward the narrow and crooked pathways which sometimes brutally block our way to true abundance, beauty, and happiness. Those aren’t the dangerous ones that make us sick or keep us from growing. They’re the difficult, necessary lessons we learn. The deep loves we lost and the fair weather friends we left behind. The terrific teachers of life. Those who shaped and or changed our reality. They’re the skeletons we must keep and allow to rattle at times when the cold wind of regression backward in to the slippery dangerous times, which caused us to lose those loves, or leave behind those friends, those teachers of life, blow.

 If we don’t allow such we forget and if we forget we will sure be forced to revisit those long ago left behind super sad shadows. None of which do we wish to ever see again. So my Friends and Neighbors I beckon to you, come and hear my tale for it is hoped that with its telling will come the greatest gift of all and that is true forgiveness. Without which none of us could be saved.

I find it odd I would pick this, the beginning of the Winter Solstice to begin my tale, but I have. In fact, I’ve begun just a day or so before. I felt it was long overdue and I must begin to share these happenings to life else I might not be able the next time the wheel turned. So it is with much love gentleness, and yes, urgency that Campbell and I call to you with our writing once again.

In the first book, you, Friends and Neighbors were given a tiny glimpse into my life. Now I will reveal the truth. At least that which I am sure of. The rest I will do my best to fill in with clarity as has been shown to me throughout the journey I have come through thus far. Having this magnificent dog at my side each day has allowed me to find more of myself than I’d ever hoped and it was honestly an awe striking adventure I would not trade now, for anything, nor any amount of money in this entire Universe we know.

I have been truly blessed with gifts, which, if totaled in an worldly fashion would climb to the Billions of dollars in the most precious of metals, but in their form have no value yet assigned to them.

My spiritual journey has been so enhanced I feel I have literally grown a life time since my last writing. It has been both frightening and enlightening to have come this far.

I have learned of spiritual gifts I wasn’t aware could even exist let alone could belong to me.  I am learning to use my gifts in enriching ways and hoping the training I am under taking now will help to heal some of the damage I’ve caused along my journey.

We all make many necessary and painful mistakes, but it is always my sincerest hope when I make such decisions that there is always forgiveness love, and a second chance to allow for rebirth and new growth.

It is with forgiveness that true healing and freedom are obtained, and so I hope I am always willing to allow it to come from me to those who will but ask.

Many wonderful and difficult changes have occurred since that long ago day in October of 2011 when Drew and I stood hugging our good-byes just inside the doorway of my beloved home. As I portrayed in the afterword of Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My life, Donnie is now living his life in the Tennessee State Correction System and I hate it for him, and all of us who love or loved him. As to how I feel where love for him is concerned? I’ve been asked this many times. I’ve also had many different reactions to my answer.  I will say this.

I love the good in him. It is there. It is within all of us. It is up to us to either share or hide it. For now, he has chosen to hide it.

At one time I would’ve spent the rest of my life with him. I would’ve loved him to the death. I was ready to make the permanent commitment of becoming his wife.  Then he became and remains someone I no longer know, nor do I care to. I only ask that he leave me in peace and allow me to go forward in my own right, and to know that although I must tell my story to rid myself of the horror I’ve become, I do it with love not malice, and I do it with only the desire to set my record straight, and to show my perception of how it was during those long dark, difficult, and dreary days in my life, just before the wonderful, life-giving warmth of the sun rose and shined its’ healing love upon me.

Rocky Dog no longer lives with us here in the Campbell Kingdom. When Campbell and I went to visit Mike and Pluto in Florida we learned that the other four legged man needed to live elsewhere and we were all bountifully blessed by the finding of a perfect family for him. That was an amazing adventure all in of itself, and one which will be told within these pages.

I haven’t had the privilege of speaking with Drew for many Moons now, and it is a sad loss for me. I guess if I could put a description of how this makes me feel, I’d have to say it is one of those foreboding dark clouds that the bitter cold wind I wrote of above. Unforgiving blows over our life’s warm sun from time to time. I am hopeful the writing of this book will go a bit further toward removing this depressing cloud forever.

As for Campbell and me, we are fantabulous! Yep that is a word. At least in our world. We have had our ups, and downs, and of course we will always continue to do so, but this second phase of the bonding process taking place between us now has been and continues to be the most awesome thing either of us has experienced thus far. I cannot imagine it could get any better, but long time Guide Dog handlers from everywhere keep telling me it will. I no longer waver or doubt. I only excitedly look forward to it and can yet only try and imagine what it will be like.

This vivacious, intelligent, and love filled dog has a complete personality all his own. Campbell has his own strong thoughts and deep feelings, and believe you and me, he expresses them in a way like nothing I ever experienced before. It has been a neat road all of its own just learning to speak his expressive lab dialect. Yes, Friends and Neighbors he has a language, and I am learning to speak and understand it quite well. 

He has enabled me to unlock things within myself I thought were either dead and gone forever or were only unattainable fantasies.

I am awakening to my new self, more and more each day and it is a thrilling adventure like none before. That’s what it’s all about. By the way, finding one’s freedom. Becoming a Guide Dog handler for me a Seeing Eye Dog owner/handler it has been as if someone handed me a key and stood me before a door, encouraging me gently through. Guiding my hand ever so slightly until the magic key began to fit, then stepping away to allow me free passage.

I did not go easily. In fact, at one point I became very confused and tried to walk back through.

Now that I have come all the way through into the next phase, I am truly having the time of my life. I am so privileged to have this great beast beside me.

If you choose to read this book, you choose to read the truth just as Campbell and I lived it.

Some of it is embarrassing. Some of it is shameful. None of it am I too proud to write about.

If you’re mentioned in these pages, and you don’t like what you see well… “If you don’t want people to know how you are, don’t be that way.” Basically I’m gonna tell it as I saw it. As I wrote in my first book, it isn’t as if I am lying about what I perceived, or that anyone else that tells a version of the events written here, is lying. What it means is that this is my perception, and we all perceive things in our own ways.

And now Campbell and I present to you, The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two


Read, learn, and enjoy!







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