The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two Prelude

The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two Prelude

Well, friends and neighbors, here we are, are you really ready for the next part of the tale? Are you sure you are ready for ‘The Raw Truth?’ If so, then here we go!

Thing is, am I ready to tell it? The answer is yes, but it hit me earlier while I was running round getting things done for the day, that publishing on my blog a chapter or two at a time was going to be different. How? Well, think about it. When a person writes and publishes a book in its entirety the reader then reads the book, and takes a bit of time to process. Then they will review, or talk about it, and possibly write the author. When a blog post comes out with a chapter or two at a time, the reader of said post is going to be able to instantly react. It is possibly going to give ‘The Raw Truth’ a whole new meaning.

Not everything I am going to write is funny, or light. Now, it’s certainly not all bad. Heck! Even some of what Donnie and I did during these times I’m going to write of was funny and good. Our time dark and unhealthy that it was, wasn’t all bad. So it’s gonna be autopsy turby book as far as emotions go. I had a reader of the first book say to me once, “You’re book had me laughing, crying, and angry all in one chapter.” All’s I could say to that? “What did you expect? A bipolar wrote it.” 🙂
So, I’m going to publish, and you’re going to read. I hope, good or bad you’ll react. I hope you’ll comment on what is written here, and here after. I want to know what you think. It will help me learn to write better. To communicate further, and to do better and better work.

Earlier this evening, I went to a speaking engagement that I’d had scheduled for months. It was one of the very best events I ever attended. I’ll be writing of it in another post. The only reason I mention it is because I told them that some of what I’d written and done in the not so distant past was dark, dreary, and downright nasty at times. I explained that when asked, if I were going to take that down, and get rid of it, I said no. I want to remember, and I want folks to understand where it is that I come from, where I am now, and where I hope to be in the future. I want to show all of you, what it is to feel as I feel. To do as I have done, and do. To understand better than ever before how it is for me. Then I want all yall to take what you learn, Clive to what you need, and pay forward in some way what you do not, or simply quietly reject it.

I explained that I’m not a mainstream thinking person, that I don’t really give a rat’s… whether people like it, and that I am simply how and who I am. They seemed to understand. It was wonderful to sit and chat with them, and then present to them my knowledge of The Seeing Eye. To give them The Guide Magazine from The Seeing Eye, and copies of The Neighborhood News
I completely loved it when they wanted to pet Campbell and that he loved them so much. It was good to be doing what I love, and having folks love me doing it.

I am hopeful when you read all the most wondrous things that King Campbell AKA Bubba helps me do each day, and when you see all the most awesome ways he has helped me heal that you’ll want to tell others, and that the word of The Seeing Eye and all their magickal wise, and “Ancient Trainers” I hope maybe some of you might want to have a dog of your own, and that you’ll choose The Seeing Eye for your school, and yes, there is a part of me that hopes you will tell them Patty and Campbell sent you. I also hope you’ll want to donate to them, and here’s how

I plan to send my most awesome friend and assistant soon to be editor a couple chapters of the book by the weekend and that before the next week or so is up that they’ll be here on the blog for your enjoyment. Be patient. Claire is a real awesome lady, but she is so very good at what she does, she has lots of clients, and is doing much awesome work. Want to know more of her? Visit

Well, for now, I shall leave you Campbell’s Rambles fans, and I hope you standby to see what happens next. While you’re waiting make sure to read some of the other neat stuff here in campbellsworld make sure to check out the ‘A Chance Meeting: a Lady MoonWalker Story’ The Positive Perspective series and of course absolutely make sure you read, Bubba Tails From the Puppy Nursery At The Seeing Eye. That was much fun to write, and Campbell told me all what to say.

Until next time, this is King Campbell Lee AKA Bubba and me saying…
thanks for reading, and blessid be.

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