The Quarter’s Decreasing Value #It’sSix-SentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #Author’sCorner

The Quarter’s Decreasing Value #It’sSix-SentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #Author’sCorner

The Quarter’s Decreasing Value #It’sSix-SentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp

by abbiejohnsontaylor

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For years, my father owned a coin-operated machine business. In the 1970’s, during my tween and teen years, I loved hanging out in the shop, where a quarter allowed me to hear three songs on a jukebox or play one game on a pinball machine. In the summer of 1984, when my family drove to California to attend my uncle’s wedding, we stopped in Nevada, where the slot machine cost a quarter per game. I used to be able to buy a can of pop for two quarters. Before I had my own washer…

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