The Power of Telling Our Stories

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  1. I want to send a reminder to all. If you’re in a relationship of any kind, and your partner makes demands upon you, to change yourself, give up all your old friends, to stay away from your family, is always accusing and miss-trustful, is violent, always angry, threatening, insulting, and treats you with no respect, then get-out!

    No one deserves to lose themselves to another in this way. The things being asked of you, and done to you, are not OK. They’re not your fault, and you need not live as such.

    I encourage you to read, Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life.

    This book, tells much more of a story than just a middle-aged woman going to get her first guide dog.

    This story tells the tale of a woman who, realized great wrongness in her life, and began with the help of The Seeing Eye, and its wonderful training, and the magnificent dog they gave began a journey of finding herself, and her true freedom.

    If, once you’ve read this book, and wish to continue along that journey with me, you may go to and read The Raw Truth: Campbell’s Rambles Book Two.

    The prelude, and first three chapters are there, and there are other writings there as well.

    To see my first book, and home page visit

    There you can read a portion of the book without even paying for it, and then decide if you wish to read the rest, and go onto the journey with me or not.

    If you wish, you can get your copy from

    It is on sale there until the end of July.

    I hope everyone has an awesome weekend, and remember, you are a wondrously magnificent person. If you’re being abused, get help. If you’re an abuser, get help. You are a person, and whether you believe it or not, you are not really happy.

    As it is said to me often, “You can lie to others. You might even lie to God, but at 2 AM when all is silent in your world, and you’re there alone with yourself, you cannot lie.”

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