The Neighborhood News

The Neighborhood News

Hello readers of The Neighborhood News!

This week Campbell and I are celebrating our fifth year together.

On April 4 2011 a leather leash was placed in my hand, and I was introduced to this most amazing dog. At that moment my life changed forever. Since that time, I have been inspired to do many things. One of them has been to create an online news and literary magazine. I have finally settled on the title ‘The Neighborhood News.’

When first beginning ‘The Neighborhood News’ was known as ‘The Campbell’s Corner Neighborhood Newsletter.’  As we went along however, feedback from readers suggested they’d like a different title. One that was shorter, easier to say, but conveyed the same message.

So, ‘The Neighborhood News’ was born.

My then editor, Leonore Dvorkin assisted me with the first phase of the creation process of the magazine. Over time however, I had the need and desire to go in to technical waters, Leonore had not yet swum in, so she and I parted ways and I brought Claire Plaisted of Plaisted Publishing House on board. Claire has through her continued desire and ability to learn, and understand my ever changing technical needs, brought forth changes within ‘The Neighborhood News,’ which are now receiving rave reviews from its readers.

 This month’s issue makes one whole year of The Neighborhood News.  

I am proud to have come thus far with all of you.

Mission Statement

The mission of The Neighborhood News?  Simple!

 I want to create a safe place for people to learn and grow together. A ‘Neighborhood’ if you will, of people who are connected but unique in their own way as well.

A place where I can not only share what I know, but where you the people living in ‘Neighborhoods’ all over the world can write in and share  what you know, and what you’re learning of, and doing as well.

There are some slight changes to this month’s issue so please? Read the entire newsletter this time. I know from my own Newsletter reading experience that we skip things like Products and Services, Administrative Details, etc after we’ve been through them a time or two. Those things don’t always change month to month, this month however there are a few new items I’d like you to note. Changes in price, and a few comments I’d like to have feedback on if you please?

I want to make this a community of love, acceptance education and fun. “Come along and go with me, and let us see what we can see, and what we can be! We are one, yet we are we!”

I don’t know if this will get me a bestseller, but it sure is lots of fun!

I hope it is for you as well. If it is not, help me make it so.

Blessid Be.



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