The Neighborhood News Returns!

The Neighborhood News Returns!

Good Awesome Beltane, May Day morning to all! Campbell and I hope you are doing the very best you have ever done, and that you are keeping cool if you’re in the grip of this unusually warm spring. Campbell and I have an important announcement for you, so read onward…

The Neighborhood News is back! As you, who have been faithful followers of the blog know, I’ve had a whole lot of troublesome tech trials, and for quite a while now, the Neighborhood News, has only been posted sporadically here on the blog, and not much place else. Now, we have two ways for you to receive it, and here’s how.

You may either continue to read The Neighborhood News here on the blog, when it is posted under the category of Newsletter. We’ll send out an announcement to let you know it’s been posted, and you can go and read it whenever you wish. Or, you can have it sent directly to your in box. Now, if you want it sent to your in box, you’re going to need to provide me with just a bit of info please?

I’m going to need you to send to me, at: your first and last name, and the Email address you would like it to come to. Your info should look like the following…

Name: Happy Harry

If you send me that info, I’ll send you a confirmation note, and once I’ve got it, you will then receive The Neighborhood News, every time it comes out without fail. So, make certain to let us know what you would like.

Campbell and I have given The Neighborhood News a whole new look, so we really do hope you enjoy it, but should you have a comment, question, or complaint, we want to encourage you to let us know. The Email address for me, given above, will be the place to write, or, if you receive it via the blog, just comment in the comment section. Either way, we want to hear from you. Remember, this is being done for your enjoyment, so if you’re loving it, let us know what you love, and want more of. If you’re hating it, let us know what we should do away with. If there’s something you want, that we’re not offering, let us know about that too.

For now, this is King Campbell Lee Super Awesome Seeing Eye Dog A.K.A. Bubba who is currently getting a bath, and Patty, who is waiting…waiting…waiting… Saying…
May harmony find you! Blessid Be!

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