The Most Intelligent Child #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #WritingPrompts #Inspiration

The Most Intelligent Child #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #WritingPrompts #Inspiration

The Most Intelligent Child #SixSentenceStoryThursdayLinkUp #WritingPrompts #Inspiration

Tim was the fastest reader in my fifth-grade class. When he read aloud, the teacher often asked him to slow down. This he did but not before uttering a disgusted sigh and rolling his eyes. When someone incorrectly answered a question the teacher asked or asked a question and the teacher answered it, Tim’s response was always, “Duh, stupid!”

One day, Tim wasn’t there, and the teacher reported…

What did the teacher report?

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The cover of the book features an older woman sitting in a wicker chair facing a window. Outside, it is bright, with plants on a terrace. There is also a plant behind the woman inside. The woman has white hair, glasses, a red sweater, and tan pants. The border of the picture is a taupe color and reads "Why Grandma Doesn't Know Me" on the top and "Abbie Johnson Taylor" on the bottom.


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  1. Thank you, Patty, for sharing this, and thank you all for reading.

    1. Glad to do it. A great post.

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