The Magick of Pendulums

The Magick of Pendulums

In this post, the question is asked, how do you use pendulums? I use them to help myself make decisions. Get an idea if someone is telling the truth, etc.

Sometimes when I’m talking with someone on the phone, and I have a feeling they’re not being honest with me I’ll get out my pendulum, and ask in my mind, “Is this person being truthful with me?” It is very accurate.

I have one issue with using them. My hands shake, and I no longer get a true swing. Does anyone have a solution for such?

Thanks for this post, GrannyMoon.

PS. to all CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! Thanks for being patient with me. I know it has been a while since I’ve posted an original post.

Campbell and I are currently living at Asbury Place in their Skilled Care facility, as I recover from illness.

I’ve written an account of all that has happened up until now, and my awesome helper Claire Plaisted, from Plaisted Publishing House, will look it over for mistakes and blog soon as she can.

For now, please continue to enjoy the shared blog posts, as I’m able to make them available to you.

I’m still quite weak, so sitting up in front of the computer is something I cannot do near as much as I was.

If you’re interested to see where we are, please see Asbury Place Kingsport at

They really do earn their five stars.

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