The Little Pyromaniac by Abbie Johnson Taylor #TuesdayTidbit #Memoir #Author’sCorner

The Little Pyromaniac by Abbie Johnson Taylor #TuesdayTidbit #Memoir #Author’sCorner


I remember the day my five-year-old brother Andy was arrested for arson. On a warm Wyoming spring afternoon in 1974, when I was twelve years old, my parents and I were in the garden behind our house. While Mother and Dad prepared the soil for planting, I studied seed packets of peas, corn, and tomatoes. Even with my limited vision, I could read the labels and make out the pictures. I imagined how they would look and taste on our dinner plates.

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The Little Pyromaniac #TuesdayTidbit #Memoir #Inspiration

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  1. I hope you enjoyed this memoir, which also appears in the current issue of The Writer’s Grapevine. Thank you for reading.

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