The Leg Loose in the Lounge

The Leg Loose in the Lounge

One evening while in training at The Seeing Eye I was making my way through the common lounge looking for a place to sit. It was time for a training lecture, and I was trying to get in and seated  before the actual instructor to lead the lecture arrived. Drew had been getting on to me of late about always being the last one in and seated so I wanted to try and get in without notice.

That, of course would not be.

As Campbell and I made our way through the other grads settling in the lounge we passed a couple of grumbling dogs, and of course Campbell had to put in his word on the subject. After giving a sharp tug to his leash, and a firm leave it! We continued. Soon we’d found a seat at the table, and I thought for sure I was home free.  As I pulled the chair out from under the table to sit down, I heard a loud Clunk! And,  Thump! “What on earth?” I asked no one in particular, someone across the way said, “What’s this?” and just then the two grumbling dogs weren’t just grumbling, they were fighting!

Someone hollered, and then for a few minutes there was chaos. Just when I was about to ask what on earth all the trouble was about I tried to sit down in the chair I’d just taken out from underneath the table, and to my dismay it turned over, and threw me in the floor where just a few moments before I’d had Campbell lay down.

Then I saw the real trouble. It turned out, the noise I’d heard was one of the legs from the chair coming off and rolling away, as it turned out one of the two grumbling dogs had picked it up and the other had tried to take it away and a fight had ensued. Now here I was under the table and Campbell was washing me all over. This caused me to launch in to a fit of giggles, and soon Campbell and I were lost in one another and playing together completely unaware of the bedlam we’d caused.

As all of this was taking place the instructors came in asking, “What’s all the commotion in here?”  Someone shouted, “Patty and Campbell caused it!” and Drew who had come to see why his troublesome student was underneath the table with her dog said, “I might have known you had something to do with this.”  He was laughing though, as he extended a hand to help me out from under the table.

I stood, and  shoved the chair which now only had three legs at him and  said, “It is not my fault this place is falling apart.”  By this time all the dogs were up on their feet, everyone was talking at once, and the quiet entrance I’d planned was shot to hell, and we were all laughing hysterically.

Once again we’d had some sort of calamity and once again we’d drawn unwanted attention to ourselves, and that folks has always been our way. We simply cannot do a thing without causing some sort of issue, and so we have decided we simply are meant to spread humor everywhere we go. Not such a bad lot, if you can laugh, which I have learned over these last four years to do. Over the next few months as fall and winter slip their sad dark days over us, I plan to write of such happy memories, and by spring it is my hope to have a book of them.  

So if you happen to have a happy or inspirational memory that Campbell and I have caused that you’d like to see written of, please? Drop us a line

We might not get them all in the book, but I do promise that if possible they will be posted in the group, Campbell’s Corner: the Comfort Zone.  If you have a happy or inspirational memory you’d like to write of yourself, please join in via the comments section here,  and do so.

For now, this is Campbell and Patty saying…

“May harmony find you, and, when it does would you please bring it to Campbell and me?”

Blessid Be.

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