The latest news on the environment and recycling…13th August


  1. Thank you, Patty..Recycling is important so thank you for sharing this post the world needs us to care 🙂 x

    1. Hi Carol you are very welcome. I care very much about mother earth. I recycle as best I can. I do have a recycling bin, and I do put out the things that the city says they will take. I was quite interested in your article. I had read parts of those informational facts that you had in there from other sources. It was quite interesting and well done.

      1. Thank you, Patty…Yes, I think recycling collectors have a way to go before that is perfect as different items need different types of recycling facilities as so many different materials are used by manufacturers it really seems quite a nightmare situation the world has got itself into… 🙂 x

        1. My biggest concern is trying to recycle all these electronic devices.

          This morning I was fortunate in that I was able to get my older computer usable to the point that I don’t need to try and recycle it right now.

          I worry when I have to get rid of things and always try to drop them off at a proper recycling facility, but even then it’s not fool proof as I’ve heard horror stories about persons claiming to recycle such things only to toss them into the dump when no one is looking.

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