The End of the Day

The End of the Day

Twelve hours.

I’ve been awake and moving.

Reading, writing, talking, walking, cooking, eating.

Sweating, sleeping, living, breathing.

Visiting, petting the dog, singing, dancing along.

Peach pie, share, love, yum.

Tech, call, come, go.

Learn, grow.

I hope, I dream, I love.

End of the day.


Thank you for the sun.

Thank you now day is done, all our needs, wants, desires, they’re met. Thank you for what we have and have not yet.

Thank you when this day is new, we will still be we, and you will still be you.

Light our path.

Guide our way.

Give us that which to do and say.

As I will it.

As you will it.

As we will it.

Blessid Be.

Patty L. Fletcher

Bridging the great chasm which separates the disAbled from the non-disAbled

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