The Elements Series: Fire

The Elements Series: Fire

Here we have the last in this series.

I hope you all have enjoyed this.

I see a few have liked it, and so would love your feedback.

I do not have a direct connect with fire, although I love the scent of wood-smoke, and the warmth of a fire-place, fire is hard for me to handle as a blind person, and so for the most part, I let others handle it.

When I first began to practice, I tried working with candles, but found it just did not speak to me.

As with anything a person must do what feels right, and so has been the case here, but the smell of a scented candle, or some other beautifully burning herb always feels me with a sense of warmth.

I hope you’ll read this, and if you’ve not read the other parts in this series, read them as well.

I also encourage you to go and check out other things on this blogger’s blog.

Thanks, and blessed be.

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