The Elements Series: Earth

The Elements Series: Earth

Although I am of a water sign, I do have a deep connection with Mother Earth.

I do not quite know how to find out what other signs are in my chart, as I am new to all this, but I know that Earth, and Water, are two elements I have a deep connection with.

I love stones. I love water activities.

I do the majority of my magik by use of these two elements.

Whether you practice in this manner or no, makes no difference.

Mother Earth protects and sustains all of us, we come from this, and will return to this, “Dust to dust”
And, so we all can get something from this most awesome post.

Who doesn’t like to have dinner on the ground? Who doesn’t enjoy the feel of a freshly mown lawn on their feet, the smell of a beautiful plant…
People believe they must believe as I do to enjoy these posts, I say no. I say we are all a part of the elements.

No matter what you call Creator, it is still responsible for these…

Blessid Be, and Enjoy!
I’m going to sit in the yard. 🙂

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