The Dragonbone Chair – Review

The Dragonbone Chair – Review

Hello SFF readers everywhere! I got to say, I’m enjoying this book, every bit as much as I enjoyed The Dragonbone Chair.

In fact, it might be possible, that I’ve so far, enjoyed this even more.

Firstly, watching Simon grow from a “Kitchen Boy” into a young man, has done my heart good. It has reminded me of a youngster, in my life, who, in his younger days, had lots of Pluck! But not much sense. Now, he’s got more Pluck, than ever, and a tad bit more sense.

Then there are the Trolls. Oh, love Benedict, and his soon-to-be-bride. They are so awesome! All the trolls are.

Learning of the Siffy, (Not sure of spelling) That has been wondrous, and reading the political scene has been most informative, and actually helpful with my understanding of today’s events.

The battle scenes are gruesome, and awesome all in the same moment, and I just cannot possibly say enough good things about this book.

The mountain climbing parts are breath-taking, terrifying, and described beautifully!

As usual the NLS info really doesn’t do this justice, but if you just download the series, get comfortable, and don’t need sleep, you’ll be AOK!

Happy reading, and blessid be.

Stone of farewell DB40338

Williams, Tad. Reading time: 29 hours, 50 minutes. 
Read by Erik Sandvold. 

Fantasy Fiction
Young Adult

Simon and his allies now possess the sword Thorn, essential to their defeat of the evil forces of King Elias of Osten Ard. King Elias has banded together with the Storm King, and they plan to end any hope Prince Josua has of taking over the throne. Both forces will meet many problems before they come face to face at the Stone of Farewell. Sequel to The Dragonbone Chair (DB 40337). For high school and older readers.

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  1. Stone of Farewell is the name of the book I’m currently reading, and continue to review.

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