The Dark Tower, Roland that was, is, and ever will be

The Dark Tower, Roland that was, is, and ever will be

I have read this book series many times. I believe this time around makes number three. I am currently reading the last book, number seven, the dark tower. For those who have never read the series, stop reading this post right now! There is no way I can write honestly about it and not put in a few spoilers. I mean, it is nothing that would totally ruin it for you, but still I wouldn’t want to know these things if I had never read the book. Especially if I planned it to read it. Now I have said all that, we are going to get started with the review.

First of all, this entire series is in my mind as a Stephen King raider the best of all his writings that I have read.
I will follow that up with, I have not read everything King has written, but I am close.

I loved Roland right from the beginning. I have a thought of him many times over the years but never so much as when I was in training to get Campbell.
So much of what I learned there, was similar to what the gunslingers Eddie, Susanna, and Jake, learned from Roland.
Even the bumbler benefited from Roland.
Of coarse he would, Roland was a teacher, instructor, trainer. Oy was after Rall is after all and animal.

This story, the dark Tower, it lives within me, but is that not the point?

It is obvious to anyone reading this series that Roland has been here, done this, before. The curse that was put upon them by Walter O-dem “death gun slinger but not for you. Never for you.””
This never left him, it followed him relentlessly throughout his many days, months, years….

So are we all in a loop? Our we, without knowing, being given a second chance?

In the end, did Roland do right bye The Ka-Tett….
Before I go any further, I want to say that I have read over this and I am going to post it as it is. The dictation mistakes are few and later on I can go back and edit when I have use of a keyboard.
I would like to thank you for continuing to read, and for those who have read this series would love your feedback.

I could relate to Eddie, even though I have not ever been addicted to a drug. I have been addicted, the concept is the same no matter the addiction.

I could relate to Jake, because it he relied on the gunslinger, and the gunslinger at one point let him down in a most undesirable way. Roland, allowed Jake to die at his hand. Did he do this one time, or twice? Did Jake’s judgment fail him more than once? Was there another way? Is it true, we never get it done we never get it right? If so, what is the point? I guess that depends on what your dark tower is. Mine has changed, evolved, and grown over the years. What say you? Candles world visitors?

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