The Blended Federation Made Real

The Blended Federation Made Real

Hello again CAMPBELLSWORLD VISITORS!!! I am back again to speak on something that was asked of me the other day while I was in the Ides of March SF event. I want to answer the question in much more detail. I ope that you will read, and I hope that you will break your silence and speak. I cannot force you to. I can only write and hope that people will become courageous enough to say what they claim to believe, thus making the Blended Lives Federation a reality rather than a group in an SF series. Do I believe it is possible? Yes I do. Do I believe it will happen, well, I have to say not at the present time. Why then do I persist? BEcause to do anything else is to admit defeat. I refuse to do that. I know I said I did not know if I’d continue but what else can I do? I was put here to do this, and even though I meet rejection and struggle at every turn I have to do this because it is what I was called to do and to do any less would be to deny the Holy Spirit and I cannot must not.

During the Ides of March event I was asked, “What is the Blended Lives Federation?” I want to truthfully answer this question. In the world I imagine, the Blended Lives Federation is a group of leaders assigned the task of making the universe a place where every being from every race, creed, faith, and background everywhere belongs. Where they’re allowed to live as themselves. Without fear of rejection, hurt, or negative response. Where all are fed, clothed, and cared for. Where there is no poverty, and no discrimination of any type.

Could this truly be so? Could beings of all kinds live in complete peace and harmony? Yes. How? All people have to do is open their hearts and minds to the reality that we are all just as we were created to be and that there is not one mold that fits all. That is all it would take. There is no room for the behaviors I see happening in the news. There is no excuse for a wall. If the Blended Lives Federation existed there would be no crime because no one would need it. All would be cared for in such a way that there would be no need for thieving. There would be no need to kill. There would be no drug war. There would be none of this negativity and strife that plagues this world. It would not exist.

How can this be done? We must become…
*Open minded

We must not be…
*believing we’re better than our fellow man no matter what he or she is believes, or how they live.

We must share our wealth. We must not deny others service. We must stop the madness.

I do not have the answers, but I have plenty of questions.

Why am I too…
*physically disabled
*and why do my problems go beyond the scope?

Where must I go to belong? I long for a world where no one says, “That dog cannot come here.” I long for a world where someone who is for whatever reason born in the wrong body can be safe going to the bathroom. I long for a world where someone who is blind doesn’t have to have help reading or working on a website because it is known and understood that it must be made so that the person using it no matter their limitation can use it. I long for a world where every faith is accepted, and not rejected just because something reads “Herbal Witches” Do you people even know what the word WITCH stands for and from where it comes? It doesn’t mean the devil. There is no devil! The devil is something man made up! That doesn’t exist. Except for in…
*refusal to accept

That is made of humans, not of a being with horns, a forked tongue, and hooves. People! Stop this madness! Before it is too late! Before we all cease to exist. Yes, the end is near, but it is not going to be what you think. There will be no secret second coming. There will be no secret removal of people. There is not some secret society living somewhere waiting to claim just a certain few! That is not who God is, and if you believe and live that way you are damned! We are all of God. WE are all equal, and it is man that makes us not so!

Stand with me! Stand for ALL!!!

I love you.
God Bless you.
Peace be still.

I love you.
I accept you.
You are welcome!

Thanks for reading. May harmony find us all. Blessid Be.

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