The Avocet Wednesday Reading Series #Bookreview #Climatechange #Earth #Nature #Magazine #PoetryPlace

The Avocet Wednesday Reading Series #Bookreview #Climatechange #Earth #Nature #Magazine #PoetryPlace

Aby Skaria – Cochin, Kerala, INDIA – aby_skaria – writes, “I loved reading the book "The Climate Resistance Handbook" you send me. Reading the economic and political impact that transformed our engagement with the living Earth fall for larger concerns that made me write this poem. I know it is insolvent to think we are far behind where we must keep progressing. Once the living Earth help out the very existence why we have taken birth for making a difference everywhere, I am deeply indebted for the reasons why we still reside on this deed where we must have one moral responsibility. Shaping our occupation has a nature the winning leadership makes our impossible giving new rights for the actual our partnership that has a natural consequence. We have built many customary rituals so obliged to exclude the inter-stated differences. I thought about the entire little focus in rescuing this relevance and this made me refine what every moment recognizes the idea behind this poem. We must act where the new daily affairs have a principle retirement in time again.

Unprotected Firn

Even less ice always refrozen in Svalbard glacier ever since melting,

Time hidden as a mantle cold sponge disrupts into an ice age unseen,

When the Sun never rises this compressed porous snow called Firn,

Even its weak rays preserve the glacial mass hidden secrets,

This extreme north microworld what natural force preserves,

Harbor air pockets on Firn interacting with refrozen melting ice,

Their protective buffer capacity regains to store complex glacial mass dynamics,

Next summer wave of meltwater on Firn keeps prepping ice into the winter,

Like fluffy snow in Svalbard glacier redraws Sun rays back into outer space,

When open water so absorbs the darker Sun’s heat,

Such ocean heat blob warms the ice from below year-round,

Rising atmospheric heat potentially stir more warm water currents into the declining sea ice,

The outcome glaciers are continuously being thinned now,

Shall narrow the Firn layer still further,

With this loss of such meltwater buffer,

Exposes the bare underlying dark ice to the surface,

As temperature rise with more greenhouse gasses emissions,

The Arctic is already warming faster than anywhere else on Earth,

By end of this century temperature up to 10 degrees high records,

There is already even less ice coverage than last year,

If we leave the situation unattended,

Svalbard glaciers could completely disappear in the near future,

Reshaping Svalbard’s climate into a new landscape that of Iceland today,

With only bare rocks surrounded by grass, mosses and shrubs,

Rains may progressively replace snowfall,

Time is running out to save the reminiscence of a bygone glacial era,

It may not be too later to support this fragile ecosystem,

Before us Svalbard crisis leads us into reshaping an identity retreat,

Let us do what is needed now to stop this dramatic disappearing ice loss so crucial than ever before.

Aby Skaria – Cochin, Kerala, INDIA – aby_skaria

How Long Climate Resistance

I join you with a human balance no money can buy,

Hidden in our Earthly hope I don’t want you to panic,

The climate change we are going through,

Gives a new dependence accidentally take the next steps,

We select how carbon budget change the destruction no longer to keep going,

We elect to change the politics that allows what decisions must halt the locked-in warnings,

A time has come no hiding tactics can calculate,

How much this irreversible chain reactions invent opinion or rescue the estimated costs,

Today we have a living Earth placed to start what we needed to do,

Tomorrow still we live on Earth paced to measure what can’t be undone,

Yet I hope that curve would march towards our sustenance,

For the truth-telling future not so lost I add a different feeling from the risk we have taken,

Now a common home I feel the self-defeating trials are more powerful on this living Earth,

How can we join together in this common cause if doubts crept in rescuing the crisis taken off?

What we do matters to the limits reverses the fight born for creating the strongest moment possible in this methodological note,

Answers must force to change the perception we face: what next?

Our manifesto like a ritual review who be the witness has the solidarity with this hunger in the air,

Conclusions narrates in this small sacrifice has reasons getting people’s attention supporting our awareness,

If there is a ground for the change shall mount pressure to give in to their demand,

A huge victory awaits from this hunger strike led to little focus on every home that balance an unforgettable social moment,

If this pledge pleads the influential list that has an opposition,

What makes the investigation as an ingredient movement we cannot dream?

Time for every humble importance touch how your energy first protests a bigger vision,

If you compel the thought of the infamous hero in you,

The suspect who respect whoever may credit our internal unity,

This expedited tactic signs a petition for what mobilize others welfare,

We create the democratic public opinion advocating social change outside of ourselves and tell them to do,

The seeing vision must not violate anyone’s right,

But without destroying our planet’s stability we must offer the economic world an affordable alternative,

Our business must print money not from the pillars that support greenhouse gasses emission,

Distances don’t ruin this emergency call like anything the climate may change its dues how we’re used to make these choices,

When you spend your energy watering these trees inclusivity and inhale the rich oxygen around disinvestments,

You are not any politician who will avoid this conservation we focus,

But you become the social change why we elect them,

It is about these thought effects we can reasonably invest for our future,

All that shapes people’s interventions mark the spirit where its greatness humbles,

A rescue home considers rescuing the climate resistance impacting your decisions,

Your involvement calculates for next steps where the impact doesn’t get angry,

And the hearing continues so the energetic minds don’t protest a campaign be ready to act,

Saving the planet persuades our local expressions don’t harm the environment any future,

Do you own the love lost like planting a seed without watering it?

This problem opposes the radical changes our activities must come up with an alternative opinion,

Unlike you be the change and do their big action highlights,

Harder to accept we have come a long way for future relief as the climate resistant changes,

Investing in this human balance is time consuming,

But it supports for all who don’t like to pinpoint the finger against others,

Finding stronger leaders expected to respect what was happening,

I realize that growth values when we do an action to get more involved,

If anything can be enforced in this universal creative plan,

Who gets to say we are bound to give represent who we are and then proceed to let that faith be the ladder of our engagement,

Let us fulfill the condition that our dependence work the best if we face this situation with a lion heart,

Never tried of doing everything what we can gift so much for the right owners of the living Earth,

Here every response where to start have to find happily fostering civil obedience to build trust.

Climate change isn’t going to end our universe,

It is an invalid gift if any uncertain future is beyond the clusters when ended where nobody cares,

Our social circles must recruit seeing the society as they have personally invited us for the greatest self-movement in our entire history,

Let us appeal a request one-on-one meet-ups find a leadership to different audiences,

Shows up at events sponsoring cutting the carbon budgets and do this direct service serving the living Earth from every individual promise,

Together may this ladder of engagements feel the urgent and serious vision that brought our people broke the rules,

And it is so residing where my prayer requests your action be very brave and raise the request saving the water is life,

Let us pledge making some progress supporting this nonviolent direct-action campaign saving the next day for another milestone ahead.

Aby Skaria – Cochin, Kerala, INDIA – aby_skaria

What Mother Earth Welcomes Now

The last lands of trees and her endless outstretched rivers of water tender among inland sands on our next shores,

On this edge we live but survive as who will inhabit the living Earth a little perplexed,

Alien shores as no green hills from the modern thought comes dares the repetitive wisdom,

Each teeming tribes escape her immense kindness whom I dream as leaders of our time,

And the thorns way ahead reserves their endless parable of the life and see nature in its purest choice so blind,

When the rainforests burn and uncreates to foul this earthly feast my human spirit recourses in despair,

From helpless Science this self-abuse more horrible than the despoilers make all their ageless spirit see face to face,

The trash mirrors watch what they see and taste like our dry emptiest intellectual wine,

Let again Noah build his boat and lead my common home that once my childhood dreams to be,

Yet the wetlands where this voyage a little away water I again took an umbrella unnoticed like the ozone layer hovering their destined lake,

The huge closing ocean waves challenge the lion heart like a hero who must look him in this face to face,

We have come a long way sparing the dark age and none spare this expense one day will be lucky,

When the water meets her creator and fall in love how hard might been in the play send him home that way,

Scarcely I climbed the highest mountain and the sky limits announced its grand orchestral voice,

Adventure opened crossing the frontier wearing his conscience for most normal events,

To make them feel that they were doing wrong was not a crime,

Simply weeping floods withdrew a childish game and he looked as though they kept up the road with the humming bees on every wedding flower,

Their senses reel that we must turn back and slid behind the heritage wheels to a guard who hurried in,

And Mother Earth’s tears kindles her heart safely guided my days again season after season for these reasons,

The sands are green so casts a shadow and host the forest with our custom when we welcome so the whisper of the great love grows stronger,

My common home feels it closer now and our invincible appointment winks the trackless world so deliver more fresh water mocking the contours of the great earth,

When we plant more trees hosting her companions in every branch and each leaf’s that be the brightest weakness of oxygen with our hungry breath,

In those meditation the magic of your sacrament makes no mistake and every new living rebirth that makes a deliberate hymn for our earthly garden,

Your truest lovers have in another age loved this maiden morning service how every eyes discuss our importance now,

Let our people go very excited that lead us without an end,

And I have learned everyone tree you plant and water everyday will be the dower in consideration of our little sacrament rescue mission.

Aby Skaria – Cochin, Kerala, INDIA – aby_skaria

One Onam Blindness

My land’s epic and its verses restore little-known magic to see the traditional harmony with new eyes,

I remember with pride in just days when we didn’t have much money,

We did have time how to restore damaged habitat for benefits of birds on the farm,

Here we left a message inspiring farmer to pay closer attention to their feathered friends,

Today when the world wants a garden like mine,

Plenty of sun on the balcony gardens has a new cultivar,

When our dreams rages like fire having snaked these thousands of miles in search of a glimpse behind history,

How Onam has come for the kind of life you want to live ahead,

I asked the King about its pleasantness weathering off to save all beings until we all wake up the source of our strength,

Our destiny doesn’t wake up from own past to meet suffering in the world around us,

Like a true hero today Maveli wondered in which disguise he must come to see his subjects,

How much he rowed this boat and reached its shore still in financial distress where the fisherman swayed when no one came to buy any fish,

Far more than our empty streets I saw a lot of shops waiting with new clothes to be put on sale today,

Our economy is not paralyzed as if life without purchasing power was turning no money into a corpse,

Everyone puts on a distanced mask and wearied away into an Onam pushed inside for a while,

Love and care are really what name this Onam season,

If we, as a people, will get to the promised land to live a long healthy life,

I wait for the all-encompassing energy to preserve a mind full of goodness for the strength to endure this challenge,

Opening the hands of my thought where no problem exists if everything exists in the right place, in the right way;

The devil in the detail tests us no matter what we truly are,

Seeing all this Maveli looked ahead to the shores of time like a spectator for rebuilding our home,

On that shore a child who dares to win it builds one palace out of clay,

Maveli waited to find out how carefully every door and window was given shape like a magical architect,

This child smiled and continued even where the building collapsed each time when learnings came like a sea wave,

Anything can happen here and if so, how come so long this Onam bonded us in true faith;

The child wished this new Onam may awaken the good minds for making a difference everywhere,

Turning to the present Maveli wondered who this boy would be in the journey ahead of time and passed this moment as a spectator determining new perspectives;

Seeing the passage of this epic, I wanted to get Maveli see the opportunity in every difficulty;

How lonely this King can stand humbly before you for these paths relieving a real story in the family of things?

His palace is still having the hero’s welcome to world of possibilities for our home that has once again gotten like heaven,

As much as I dream Maveli separates achievers from the rest of what I owned forever yesterday,

I dig to live now with acceptance how your homecoming has come from the kindness of our creator,

I should be at peace how I gave up my superiority for this representation to work in a way that creates a better future,

As always, this Onam brings us just another expectation that pulls out our own pursuits heading home again;

How I respond will survive anywhere where there is no distance within human minds,

When Onam came forgetting every pain we shall overcome,

Maveli wanted a change to celebrate this Onam forgiving all crimes so happened,

Maveli would not have felt if he had not been at this time,

An experience can see compassion that don’t lead us to fall into despair,

Yet Maveli has to go back where it came from,

How true intimacy works for a reality responsibly making your destiny before who humbles now,

Will this miracle restore our human heritage if Maveli came back to live with us hopefully?

What are we willing to give up so that ALL beings can survive and really going to wake up returning a lifetime endeavor?

Let us meet this sustainable promise as a charity for all so loved living saving our home blessed with the most gifted beneficiary,

What more price can my soul pay before it is too late for whatever one does for a living?

May the right decision to welcome Maveli adds all we need to do is recognize it,

Happy Onam Greetings!

Aby Skaria – Cochin, Kerala, INDIA – aby_skaria

No Blind Innocence

I have no idea how you can keep this to yourself,

Are you struggling to whom do we owe obligations?

Should conditions with whom do we feel solidarity expect less conflicts?

Making big sacrifices in the way business works without choking off growth can better selves all the things we do,

Our real time smart food systems and securities must consider building a smarter planet where safe drinking water so helps billions live and work,

What true bombs smell like suffers the floods or have to fend off the migrating masses if the climate turns nasty,

Through energy inefficiencies what wouldn’t prospect the big green issues,

Begins with many fledgling persuaders who keep patience over the long-term waiting game,

Why do we underestimate the gruesome climate change through a darkly farewell to capture and bury carbon emissions?

But sometimes I imagine there’s no climate change,

How we get there if your small screen ruled the world

stop buying weapons and save the next generations instead?

Remember why our history shall turn it right celebrating our defending defence for contributors?

If you ruled the world and amid these circumstances would recycle a monument of your choice,

Will you be a donation from the living freedom of conscience re-gifting and saving a life if everybody had a home which a new generation of fans await?

This theatre is no stranger to you but it should not be a disaster,

We cannot retreat from the global crisis be impossible to imagine that happening again,

The way our living Earth will be less useful for the future we want is inconceivable,

I request you to inspire in its disciplines recognizing the forthcoming events broaden the public mind,

What timely flowers and the traveler’s unwritten memoir into its seasonal imagery shall perceives the conception of trust and confidence in one humanity?

Simply isn’t radical enough I have noticed this not as a sharp reminder in a freedom for the game away in this fame and one trust,

Let us give generously why the climate change refusal doesn’t always offend but wish to be transformed into more surprising looks like it has heartburn,

Here comes the blessed unrest and our whole Earth disciplines sustaining the sustainable energy in an abundance,

Happily for our eco-warriors the day has come,

The greatest historians will battle for the future of this work for our purpose,

Thanksgiving this revolution let the trials of green days ahead be our willingly work,

Now when the prosperity comes,

Let us do use all of it with the resources sustainable for long-term benefits,

Why the living Earth has the fund our fighting shares the generated excellent growth be well-paid,

Maybe we’re putting a lot more effort into a green trust farther more than ever before,

Let these trials associate true beneficial wayfinding and portray creditable trust how we are here,

And our future be the most powerful perfect gifted friendship in this awesome bible I have ever read.

Aby Skaria – Cochin, Kerala, INDIA – aby_skaria

Completing Iceage

All this time everyone believed I and the rest of our people will have to live with it,

I do know you don’t have control over what we can do about the entire outcome happening more than you,

Would it be enough if this true tribute causes the world will watch in this forced change what I have seen accidently?

That task we do bury the very double-faced encounter as passing burden burning our existence furious with honoring the honest duty that works for us,

When our distance in the road map will not watch in shock and horror how destiny works,

It so happened we are living with the finest hour when this future landed me at a waiting station,

Another nautical mile concerns our Mother Earth’s beautiful legacy that still learn the art making reasons to love one humane consideration beyond our convictions,

How if anything might be changed just in one day when we can give and share the peace never wasted in the dark but can be our only invincible beat to our heart so involved for this worth?

Like how you see this answer for magnanimous sale,

I went in search of the great icebergs floating above the rich oceans,

My blindness started to dig deeper and I felt floating a dream with a time to focus that they don’t drift nowhere else,

Sometimes the Penguins flap their toes caring about the world around you,

How big they melt away into the already remote touch with the floating islands nearby,

My deafness felt that the cracks may not restow its imbalance into the most vulnerable events,

Somewhere the Seals fall as your benefactor gone with the seasonal visitors to live there in the winter,

If we made some handicrafts that come up with the hidden treasures why this is accidental,

My dumbness notes that fresh water be available wherever we are already polluting this rare gift of our living Earth,

Still the hardship we have brought on live far more charismatic against the extreme and relentless climate,

Yet how I can expect this wound to heal without any fatalities,

I must conquer this moment asking the general public that what science can foretell is before us,

Under gruesome weather in the Antarctica Scientists are involved with the considerations they are warning us,

Making the planet again alive with the greenery must be our first priority,

Balancing our energy and social needs with natural renewable resources that has low carbon emission and less greenhouse gases generation is our next priority,

More importantly we are involved in a greater responsibility for all solutions that can combat the evil we have already undone,

Once again the living Earth insists into the regenerative stepping stones as one of the greatest pursuits coming up hailing our commitment as one humanity for a common home,

We have strong evidence that the living Earth will have a remote touch from this invincible heartbeat,

This is our one home when we must serve benevolent richness in our duty,

Our fight for making difference must secure the duty decided to take upon as the involvement as this forced change constant in life by every number in a billion’s intervention,

Humane conscience is required and not blind acceptance when I cannot advocate you to change ordered but must be the example for others,

I salute the living Earth’s responsible inspirations when the evidence climate brings as new greenery around and the universe unlocks our personal possession as paperless, plastic-less and pollution-less trusted relationship with forest conservation open doors against rising sea level,

If you cannot grant even an inch of extra dream that can fly away over the troubles worth prosecuting us,

May your most neglected conduct not be the tragedy on innocent lives in this living Earth.

Aby Skaria – Cochin, Kerala, INDIA – aby_skaria

Our Earthly Labor

Regardless where you are,

Every day for the common struggles I feel it’s not too late,

If you are going to do something for it,

The trust hurts if we can never replace,

A dirty unsustainable way of doing business without low-carbon emission economy,

Extending their lifespan reusing recycled natural raw material than immaterial deforestation for agricultural industry,

Our rivals exploited this green fund for yesterday’s necessities,

Today innovations must move away to compete on products with better environmental credentials,

Every design they do for our future is about being different and making a difference on natural environment safety guidelines,

We drop true commitments for many such social impacts building a culture with the powerful sense of new competitive purpose,

Words you see on this wall when you connect with reengineering requires innovation, fresh ideas, and creative thinking;

Just to understand and adjust to the changing demands of society accountably,

I request you to take part and create a special meaning in your work,

It’s not just a job to make ends meet,

I feel proud of the ways that we contribute to the community,

Managing our common purpose has a clear view of where the cause starts and how to get there,

I feel how your dumbness can keep silence while declines with cheap talk,

Their tragedies what is impossible to say felt to spell another willful story,

We accept the sunshine communicated with continual reputation and such relationship building need to be as an opportunity,

That’s what makes our people come to work every day,

It’s what makes them make the tremendous commitment that gives them the willingness to make the discretionary effort.

Today ultimate unfortunate truth is a stubborn holdout in the global sustainability revolution from the investor base,

Every day the poor still has negative impacts fulfilling their unmet needs in a vulnerable society,

If we love any future-proof positive impact what has been our mindset since time’s inception,

That we be the change as a result of our brave companions,

What we own now yet have not made for what has to change should be used to connect the needs to be rewarded around the world who has really pushed our drive for a new duty,

Let long-term prospects doing to fulfill its purpose score returns through durable value creation and a more just and sustainable economy,

If human element chooses how well we have the better alternative causes for concerns,

There is a danger if we treat the living Earth like an empowered machine,

If we have claims to believe in the labor for one Earth,

Will this suggest the pushback for every experimental lesson to do it right when Mother Nature don’t quit with protests?

That would be a talent on demand effort engaging our obligations to take on their tasks,

Today we have a joint rise of such opposing approaches in a world to which our human ideas had spread,

Let us begin refreshed everyday how to get the most out this time so beneficial for all.

Aby Skaria – Cochin, Kerala, INDIA – aby_skaria


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    September 30, 2020

    Dear Patty:
    Thank you so much for sharing Aby’s work. We knew his work should be shared with others.

    Be well, be safe,

    Charles Portolano, Editor of The Avocet and The Weekly Avocet

    1. Good morning Charles.
      Oh! How exciting to have you and the work of The Avocet here.
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