The 3rd Full Moon of Winter

The 3rd Full Moon of Winter

Well, all I can say is that I now understand why things in my life, are as they are. I completely can relate to this most magnificent post. Firstly it touches upon each and every situation I have going on at this very moment. It speaks to the chaos in my life, and to the why it is… It speaks to that which I am removing, and it speaks to that which I am drawing in. It speaks of the person I am, was, and wish to be. WOW! Is all I can think to comment, and that doesn’t do it justice. All through reading I kept pumping my fist into the air and saying, “Blessid Be! Blessid Be! That is right! Blessid Be! I knew I knew, and I knew that it was true, and that I am going through all this, and that this time…Yes, this time I’ll be successful. Thanks to you Sister for providing this magickal and magnificent information for me to see, feel, and use.
Blessid may you be.

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