Thanks to Readers and Happy Solstice

Thanks to Readers and Happy Solstice

Welcome to another Holly Jolly Holiday post.

I’m taking a break from worrying about my situation because I know for the moment it’s as good as it can do. So, in the meantime, I’m celebrating the Winter Solstice.

Here’s something I wrote…

Good morning, to All.

I hope you’re feeling Jolly, during the Holly Jolly Holiday Season.

Here, I’m celebrating the Winter Solstice. Later today, friends and I will board a minibus and head out to the Barter Theater in Abbington VA. I’m super excited about it. I love live theater and my Friend Christy, and I had always talked of going to see a play together. So, when my apartment manager sent the notification concerning the trip to me, I grabbed up my phone and dashed off a text inviting her.

She said yes and I managed to have the 20 dollars to pay my ticket and another 20 to tuck away for the day of the event.

My dad gave me 40 dollars for my birthday. Because of sickness in Patty’s Worlds dad didn’t get to visit me for my actual birthday. We joked that it might be Christmas money too. I didn’t care. As it turns out, dad did me a real solid for Christmas. He took my favorite coat and had a new zipper put in and some small rips repaired. I cannot say enough great things about the sewing shop he took them to. They did a great job.

I don’t have the name in front of me. He texted the information in pieces and parts in several texts. I hate when people send one line text after text. It makes it impossible for me to reply to everything.

Anyhow I’m getting sidetracked.

As I was saying, dad did indeed gift me a nice Christmas gift, and though he may or may not have known it, it was my Solstice gift.

In honor of the season, I gifted him a cat dish recently created in the clay room at the Kingsport Senior Center. It is I believe one of my better pinch pot animals. At least I think I’m improving. People knew what it was supposed to be without my telling them.

The eyes are mine and Linda’s favorite. Linda is my art teacher.

After the holidays are over, I’m going to try my hand at making some trays. I made a chip dip tray set. I used slab art, created a lovely snack tray, and then made a pinch pot cup. We sat them back to fire but never saw them again. We believe they were damaged in some way, and someone tossed them out without letting anyone know. We have problems like this there occasionally. It’s unavoidable when you have several taking charge of Kiln duties. I am happy to stay out of that. An art flunky position is a happy place to be.

Anyhow, I don’t have descriptive text for this photo, but here’s the cat dish that Patty built.

Also shown here are a soup mug I made, which is a dusty rose color and assorted Christmas decorations. Stockings, Holly leaf, candy canes stars and more. Many are glazed with a type of glaze which causes breaking of the colors, and I understand they’re quite lovely in the light. In honor of the sun, I’m going to also attach a lovely photo Christy took which she allows me to use in pieces.

Please let me know if the photos don’t show and please forgive the lack of descriptive text. I just got these pictures on Monday.

Next year, I hope to make trays and bowls. Then I want to learn to make a real mug.


Yes, today is the winter Solstice, and oh what a joyous time it is. For once the dark Solstice has passed, the days grow longer with each sunrise and sunset. Yes, bring on the Sun!

I suppose had I lived back then, I’d have celebrated the Sun God. In ways I still do.

Whatever you celebrate, I wish you and all you hold dear a merry holiday season and the happiest and most prosperous of new years.

May Harmony find You.

Blessid Be.


If you’re a user of the Seeing AI App. Open the photo and swipe through the photo options and there is one for Seeing AI to describe the photo. I don’t always find it.

Happy Holidays.

Thanks for reading and again, blessid be.


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