Thank YOU

Thank YOU

I would like to take a few moments to say thanks to all you who read my stuff, mistakes and all.  I’d like to say a special thanks to the people that got me started on my writing career, Leonore Dvorkin, David Dvorkin, and Claire Plaisted. You three have been absolute life savers from day one.  I don’t work directly with Leonore and David right now, but we’re still in contact, and when I need them, they do help. They’re good at what they do, and if you don’t believe me then check out This is my original home page.

For those reading on FB or via Email you can check out my blog site. The link to it is there on my home page, and you can find it with no problem. I invite and encourage all who have never done that, to please do so.

The blog has been both a source of aggravation and frustration to me as well as a great learning tool, and great communication platform. Claire Plaisted has been fabulous with helping me with that, and now I am able to post from my phone lots, but sometimes I make writing mistakes there and they have to be corrected. Claire also assists me with The Neighborhood News. The monthly online magazine has really evolved and grown since Leonore and I started it a year or so back and I am really having a blast putting it out.

Below are some of the comments I have gotten since beginning it. The names of those who have commented are not shown here. I do not have their permission to post them on the blog, and don’t ever post comment names anywhere without permission.

“Your newsletter is always uplifting. I never fail to get encouragement or a laugh”
“Patty thanks for doing the newsletter. I look forward to it each month”
“Thanks for putting the newsletter in different formats. Nice of you to go to the trouble”

These are just the ones I’ve gotten since the August edition came out. So thanks to you Claire for helping me continue to be able to do what I do. I’m working hard every day to improve. I hope one day soon to be able to publish Bubba Tails as an eBook. I am hopeful to find a volunteer for doing it, but if not, it’ll happen when the time is right. “There will be water, if God Wills It”

I’d like to thank a few others for helping me along my way too. To Drew Gibbon and The Seeing Eye, thanks to you for making it possible for me to have my Campbell. Without Campbell, I don’t think I’d have ever gotten the courage to do any of what I do now. Getting him changed my life so, that I absolutely had to write about it, and so, as I write in the acknowledgments page of my book, it really is Drew’s fault that I am writing now. AWW! Maybe not, but I gotta have someone to blame, right?  Anyhow, another person to thank for supporting me when I didn’t think I could take one step more, and that is Mike Tate. I cannot tell you how many times in the dead of night when I felt my life really would be better off over, he got up and sat and talked me through it. I’d not be here dude, if it weren’t for you.

To John Keane of The Seeing Eye now retired… The email and phone conversations we had were awesome, and your guidance and advice I did take to heart and did use. I hope someone gets this message to you. I think you’re awesome, and if you ever come to the Smokey Mountains look us up. We’d love to see you.  That goes for Lukas Franck and Pauline Alexander as well, also anyone else from The Seeing Eye…

To my nephew Aaron Eremity. Thanks for coming along when you did. You’ve really helped me get back up on my feet in lots of ways. You probably don’t have any idea that you have, but you know what kind of mess I was in when you got here, and how I’ve been since. I’ve come a long way, but have miles to go before I sleep. BTW? I’m real proud of you, and Michelle Eremity, thanks for all you’ve done too. You’re sweet loving and kind. BTW? Happy early birthday! It’s Wednesday yall! Don’t forget to stop by her timeline and say Happy Birthday to a sweet girl.  Speaking of sweet girls, there is Kirsten Eremity my sweet grand niece. She brought her bubbly warm loving self into my life, and my heart. She and her wee sister Baby K who is not such a baby anymore really have brightened up my world since their arrival in it, and I still have the Christmas Bow on Campbell’s crate that yall put there a few Christmas’s ago.

Next up on the Thank You list are my sisters. Mary Fletcher and Joan Benefield Norris.  You two are awesome, and I love you for loving me. To my Dad who is not on FB I love you and miss you, and have tried to message you. Hope someone reads this to you and lets you know I hope we can talk soon. I did message and apologize for my part in our disagreement. I guess I get my stubborn honest.

To my daughter Polly, thanks for helping me know what I didn’t want to be anymore, and one day I hope you’ll come back to me. I do love you, and it is way time for by-gones to be gone!

Drew Gibbon that goes for you too. I’m way better now, and dude, I never meant to get messed up like I did, but it’s time to be over this now…!

To my nephew Ricky Hite. I love and miss you much. Take care of yourself where ever you are.

To the Norris Crew!  Bridget Chris, Nicole, and Kyle I would love to hear from yall a bit more often please? Don’t forget that my Campbell is quite awesome at navigating airports and flying on plains even if he doesn’t like big tall stairs with grated tops and we will come and collect you!

To the Great Dave Light! My awesome friend, Campbell and I thank you for all the great stuff you do for us, but mainly because you believe in and encourage us often and you do it with no ulterior motive. Nice for sure.

I’d like to say thanks to you Robert Donald. You’re ‘AWESOME’ in a special way and I hope you know what your friendship means to King Campbell and me. We love visiting you and hope we can come back and do it real soon. King Campbell here, thanks way lots for the toys. I cannot find my new squeaky ball, it got outside, but I know where Mr. Knots is…!

Before I go, I’d also like to give a shout out to Mark Hubbard from Food City. He and his staff make it possible for me to shop eat, and now to buy wine in their Food City store on North Eastman RD. Stop by and do business in there sometime. They’re great!

I would like to say thanks to a couple of other area business as well. As we’ve told you in the past we have signed copies of our book Campbell’s Rambles: How a Seeing Eye Dog Retrieved My Life at both I Love Books in the Kingsport Town Center formally known as the Fort Henry Mall and at Dillys Curiosity Shop at 1121 N Eastman RD. We have been blessed with one sell out at I Love Books, and are hopeful for another. We are also very hopeful that folks will also drop in at Dillys Curiosity Shop. They have a really neat variety of items there, and their prices are fabulous!

The links to both shops are below. Check them out today!
See I Love Books at
See Dillys Curiosity Shop at
If you aren’t local and you’d like a signed copy of our books, you can have one shipped to you directly by contacting one of the shops listed above. Make sure, whether visiting in person or online to let them know Patty and Campbell sent you. To my new House Mate Victoria M. Colon. You and your two legged pups are awesome and we’re glad to have you and your sidekick Nathan Honeycutt too. LOL!

Well, I can’t go before I say thanks to one more group, and that is the KATS (Kingsport Area Transit) people. Couldn’t do without you drivers, dispatchers, advocates person, and yes even the manager gets a bit of credit. So thanks guys, without you I’d not be able to get about town like I do at all, and I’m way proud that I can use the mass transit as much as I do. Heck! Yall even helped me to lose weight, and you saw me to and from work all the time I had my job.

Well, that about wraps it up except one more thing to do. Thank you King Campbell Lee. AKA Bubba. I saved the very best for last. I absolutely could not at all do anything I do without you my sweet Baby Bubba. Thanks to you so very much. You’re ever special to me, and it is because of you that all the rest is. I will love and care for you always. Never will you go to another home. You will live out your days with me, and if I see that having another guide will upset you after you’re too old to work, then I will simply wait until you have gone for the Rainbow Bridge to get another. I cannot and will not imagine my life without you until you leave me for the clearing at the end of the path.

Thanks all for helping me along my journey to “Be Well”  I would not be here if it weren’t for every single one named and all those reading now.

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