Thank You Goddess for the Money!

Thank You Goddess for the Money!

I was sitting here going through email, thinking about what to write, when I came across an item which needed immediate attention. It was my notification telling me I was due a payment.

I quickly flipped through the invoice summary to make sure everything was in order and with a single button pressed the deed was done.

As the “Thank you for your payment” notification popped up I sang,

“Thank you, Goddess for the Money!”

There was a time not so long-ago wen I’d have had to juggle half my budget to accomplish paying a 25.00-dollar payment. Now, I simply make the payment and go on my way.


I always remember to stop and observe a moment of thanks. For to forget gratefulness is to be “Destroyed!”

The rain falls outside my window. The wind whimpers to come inside.

The bus pulled to curb underneath my window, and I long for the days when Blue and I can blaze a trail. To spin a word and write a tail/tale.

To bounce through life with open hearts and minds.

To be all we can be until the end of our time.

The Wheel weaves as the wheel will, it turns, and a new age is born.

As you can see, during my recovery I’ve been visiting the world of Robert Jordan battles lost and won, loves realized and banished, and all the wonderment in between.

If my writings today seem disjointed, never fear, I’ve not gone mad, not yet. No, I’m trying an experiment in free flow writing, with the goal of seeing how much random writing I can produce and in what fashion it will appear.

Will I work to organize even the most basic random thought? Or will I let it flow unheeded onto the page and when the send button is pressed, out into the world!

This time of recovery has also been a time of contemplation. I believe any time we’re given moments with which we are to do nothing but be still and quiet, we should take a bit of time to look inward and seek our own council. For all of us have an inner self we answer to.

Some call it by the name of conscience, some call it the inner voice, some call it the Muse, some, like me call it all that and more.

There is no part of my life which does not belong to the Goddess.

There is no part of my body which does not belong to the Goddess.

I am she. She is Me.

We are one, yet we are we.

So! Mote! It! Be!

Blessid! Be!


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  1. You have that right!

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