Good morning campbellsworld visitors and ice cream lovers one and all. have I got a tasty tale for you.

As some might know I love ice cream, and chocolate is my ultimate fave.

Now, here is author blogger Abbie Johnson Taylor with a sweet treat that’s sure to please.

Click on over, read her tale, and when you’re through be sure to check out all her magnificent books.

Thanks for dropping into campbellsworld this morning, and do come back soon. There are more tales where this came from.

via The Ice Cream Stand


  1. Thank you for the re-blog, Patty. Chocolate is also my favorite ice cream flavor. Happy eating!

    1. You’re so welcome, and while I’m off during the first two-weeks in July I plan to write a story about Ice Cream trucks. It’s not from my childhood but a great memory just the same.

      No time today. Busy…busy…busy… 😊

      1. I know what you mean about being busy. I have the same problem. I look forward to reading your story whenever you have time to write it.

        1. Well, I’ve decided before I do one more thing I’m going to clean out my inbox. Then I’ve got to update and send out my info sheet to a couple new clients, then work on putting together a sponsor ad for a client who recently took one.

  2. Well, I need to update my website’s poetry, fiction, and nonfiction sample pages today. I’m guessing I’ll get the proof for my new novel today or tomorrow, and I want to get that done before I leave Sunday. So, it looks like we both have our work cut out for us today. Have a great day!

    1. Do you have sharing links on that page? Either way when you get it updated if you’ll send a URL to it I’ll share that around.

    2. Oh, that’s still one thing I have to do, but I’m afraid I probably won’t have time to do it before I leave for Florida. Once all the pages are updated, I’ll send you a link to the site. Thanks.

      1. No hurry. It will be there.

        The weather has forced my hand and I’ve had no choice but to slow down.

        We’ve had thunderstorms all afternoon and I have had to be offline. Now I’m behind but I hear more thunder in the distance so I am not going to be on long.

        Talk soon.

  3. Oh dear, I’m sorry to hear about the thunderstorms. Stay safe.

    1. Oh! I was happy for them. It gave me a great excuse to stop on the computer and read.

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