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  1. Many thanks for sharing, Patty. Best wishes – Kevin

    1. Hi Kevin.

      You’re quite welcome.

      I’ve got a hugely busy day planned, with WordPress Wednesday this morning, and doing a recording for the Eyes On Success podcast this afternoon, but this evening, during supper, I shall give a listen to you. I’m very excited to hear you and what you have to say. I’m also excited to put a voice to a fellow blogger.

      Have a great day and I do hope everyone will listen.

      1. Many thanks in advance for listening to my podcast this evening Patty, and the best of luck with your appearance on The Eyes on Success podcast. I will be interested to hear your podcast once this goes live. Best wishes – Kevin

        1. Kevin, have you been on their show? I’ve heard them and they’re quite good.

          I recommend it.

      2. No, I haven’t been on their show, but I shall certainly check it out.

        1. If you need a link to them let me know.

          I have their email address if you need it.

      3. Thank you. I shall certainly let you know if I have any difficulty in finding them.

        1. Sounds good.

  2. Thank you for all your support, Patty! Have a great day my friend.

    1. Hi.

      You’re welcome. I’m happy to do it.

      I’ll be listening to and commenting on Kevin’s podcast.

      1. Thank you, Patty.

        1. Sure thing.

  3. Oh I know he will be thrilled!

    1. Well, I noticed that people commented on my stuff on Facebook. Which really seems to be my strongest platform. But I haven’t had much feedback on the blog. But I never get it. So I don’t worry too much about anymore. I just do what I do and keep on keeping on. Which is all any of us can do. Thanks again.

    2. I look forward to hearing him.

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