Tell Me a Story Brenda E Cortez

Tell Me a Story Brenda E Cortez



If you’ve not taken the time to listen to the podcasts featured here, you’re missing out.

Moreover, if you’re someone who is looking to expand their coverage, and you’ve not scheduled with Annette for an appearance, you and your audience are missing out.

Listen to this week’s Tell Me A Story, and learn how to get yourself an appearance.

***Clients, please take advantage of this. If you’ve reached out to Annette and she’s not gotten back in touch, give her another nudge. She’s a busy lady and you might have gotten unintentionally mislaid in her shuffel.

Thanks Annette for making this ppossible.

PS. Yours truly is featured in this list of wonderful podcast series, and now, without further delay here’s the awesome story for today!


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  1. Thank you, Patty! Yes I am excited to be bringing many people on board between now and September. I have reached out to everyone who has reached out to me, thus far and we are all lining up our calendars.

    1. OK.

      One client said she hadn’t scheduled yet, so I just wanted them to know to reach back to you if they were unsure.

  2. there are a couple people who haven’t scheduled, but that was because they said they had to wait for things to settle down or happen in their world first. I will touch base with everyone by the beginning of next month and see where we stand. If I have missed anyone, I am truly sorry for that. Don’t ever want anyone to think I am not interested in holding space for them.

    1. Well, as I wrote, you’re quite busy, and so I figure that if it did happen, and I don’t know it did, you’re not doing so intentionally.

      They’ve the info so they’ll holler if they haven’t heard.

      You’re great.

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