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I hope this posting finds you feeling happy, safe, welcomed and loved. For those are the things which ground and keep us safe.

This morning, I’m pleased and privileged to introduce to you my newest Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing (Author, Blogger, Business Assist) client family member.

He has a great story to share and a business worthy of knowing about. So, without further ado, I invite you to read for more below…

Hello, my name is Walki Arisme and I’m glad to be here today, to introduce myself to you.

Below is a bit about who I am, and what it is I do.

I emigrated from Haiti to New York City in March of 1971 with my parents.

I got all of my education including nursing training while living in that state.

I grew up in Brooklyn. Got married and had two boys before moving to Reading Pennsylvania at the age of 34.

I worked the entire time in Pennsylvania as a registered nurse until my doctors noticed my eyesight was dimming.

I was able to drive but could not see the fine print on medication labels. That made me a dangerous nurse.

In 2015 the doctor decided to put me on disability due to rapidly progressing macular degeneration. It would be another three years before things went dark. In 2019 the eye surgeons informed me if I had surgery, they could return up to fifteen percent of the eyesight lost. At the time I had only light perception in the left eye. I was also informed the extra fifteen percent would allow me to see faces and not just shadows. This next part is the part I chose not to hear. I was also informed if the surgery were not successful, I would lose the light perception I had in the left eye. Which means I would be in total darkness. My wife and I discussed it and decided fifteen percent is better than what we have now, let’s go for it.

Long story short, the surgery was unsuccessful. I am presently completely in the dark.

In the meantime, I had other issues creeping up on me. My kidneys were going bad. In 2018, third week of May I had a stroke and my first seizure. Which left me weak to the left leg which recovered later due to rehab. I still have to ambulate with a cane due to unsteady gait.

While at dialysis pondering what I was going to do next, there was a social worker I became fond of that helped me to realize many in my situation live very productive lives. I learned I can relearn how to use the computer if I wish and be as productive as any other healthy person. So, I learned how to use JAWS. I learned some of the Micro Soft keystrokes. Once I got good enough to send emails and surf the web, I started to think about the blogging I did as a hobby. While wondering what to do, the same social worker turned me on to audible books. I subscribed with BARD and BOOKSHARE both of which are supported by the Carnegie library for the blind in Pittsburg Pennsylvania.

I came across a few books that were written by blind authors.

I also came across the Rich Dad Poor Dad book written by Robert Kiyosaki. In that book he explains if you want to do something that is bigger than you pick a problem and try to solve it. I picked the unfairness of the student loan situation in America.

Scholar’s fund was born

I did a lot of reading on tuition payments, SALLYMAE, the tuition loan companies that call themselves bureaus. I discovered there are billions with a B of dollars available each year for students who want a higher education. There is so much money available that go unclaimed that anyone can get an education to any level they want and not pay one red cent in the process or take on any of those malicious loans.

I also discovered the loan companies disguise themselves as lambs when they are tigers waiting to pounce on the unwary student. Their claims are often mendacious, their practices malicious. Once ensnared in their web it is extremely difficult to shake yourself free. I also discovered high ranking politicians lining their pockets via the misery of students.

I discovered the colleges at times also line their pockets.

Sadly, enough there are students that end up leaving the country or having to work two or three jobs to pay a tuition loan that will never be satisfied. Some students postpone starting a family indefinitely with the thought why start a family with negative income. In short, a B student with no money has a despicable choice. Get a higher education and NEVER get out of debt; get your pay garnished for the rest of your life; work several low paying jobs; and never get the license you trained for in school.


Live with the high school diploma.

These students are not given the third choice. Most students who are not “A” students, are not super athletes, and do not have Donald Trump as their father can still get the “full ride” with a little prayer and a lot of tenacity.

Scholar’s fund reveals the legitimate sources of these free funds, gives instructions as to how to take advantage of them and teaches the prospective award winner how to increase their scholarship winnings. By the time the students are done with the training those students are enjoying what we term at scholars fund THE AGGREGATE FULL SCHOLARSHIP.

The Scholarship application is not easy to navigate. Scholar’s fund will take the time to guide the student through the maze of questions, presentation of the package to the scholarship committee and the interview process. This training process always ends in the successful acquisition of enough funds to finance your entire education without the use of loans.

 It gets better.

We instruct the student on where to find elusive scholarships such as your assemblyman’s office, your church or community center. We help you find weird scholarships such as the following. In our research we found a scholarship for women that are less than four feet and ten inches tall.

We will help the student find scholarships that are need based, merit based, and association based.

My life has taken a new purpose with scholar’s fund. I am doing something that is bigger than me. I am doing something that helps the community I live in.

If you have any questions, please send all inquiries to


walki’s Facebook link –

Scholars fund URL.

My Goals.

My immediate goal is to work with three to five students and help them get funds needed to get into and stay in college until graduation.

My intermediate goal is to tweak the web site until it can help hundreds if not thousands of students at a time.

Long term goals include the creation of a Scholars fund scholarship, internship, work study program, and provide community service credits to the students working with scholar’s fund to promote our campaign.

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