Hello to all and happy Sunday.
Before I get started with this post just let me say that I’ll be putting this in various places and sending it to several people via email too so if this is a repeat for you, I apologize.
Also, there may be some content that won’t apply to you, but it’s Sunday, Campbell and I had a late-night last night and I’m not up for writing separate messages for different people, so this is a multi-topic post.
OK. Here we go. Honestly, I hope you will read because some of this might be important to you and you might not know till you get there. LOL.
First to business.
Please those of you who are clients, remember that if you want things in this week’s columns you need them in by their deadlines. These deadlines are outlined in the info sheet I sent out last week so please review those to make sure your work gets to me on time. If you’re a client who is running a business but you’re not an author, if you’ve a need please get in touch.
Next, I’ve made a decision about my newsletter The Writer’s Grapevine. I’d hoped to make that a weekly newsletter, then I saw that wasn’t possible and so I tried for a biweekly schedule but things are such at this time that I’m simply not able to meet that schedule either.
I’ve decided to make this a monthly newsletter, and am changing the format a bit. I hope to have this newsletter out around the 15TH of each month. For those who are sponsors, your ads will appear in the newsletter on the first page each month, if you want to be a sponsor please write me for details. Being a sponsor guarantees you a spot in the newsletter, and in the Business Sponsor section of the homepage of my blog, as well as in the yearly Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing Books and Those Who Make Them Happen catalog which is published between Thanksgiving and Christmas which is a huge shopping season. (Books make great gifts) Sponsor ads will appear on the first page of the catalog. All other ads will go afterward.
Next, I want to let you all know about the assistance I’m receiving from VR/Blind Services.
They’re as I’ve written previously going to try_ to assist me with self-employment. They’re not sure I’ll fall into their guidelines and the biggest reason is because I don’t charge enough to meet their income requirements. They require I sustain minimum wage with what I do and at the present time that’s not happening.
However, I plan to add some options to what I currently offer, and have some long range plans for business growth and the forms they have me filling out do allow for that so I’m still hopeful.
In the meantime while I’m filling out all these forms and having wonderful communication with my caseworker, they’re setting up technical assistance for me so I can receive assistance with my computer issues.
This to me is a huge chunk of help. There will be no charge and these will be paid professionals who are well versed in screen reading technology, and the latest Windows 10 and Microsoft 365 all of which I’m using.
They’re going to help me get this computer running as it should, fixing whatever is causing the current problems, most of which we think is being caused by there not being enough ram on the computer. Computers For the Blind didn’t seem to agree this was the issue and while they did help me some I’m now seeking more professional help rather than those volunteers who while good don’t seem to be able to meet all my needs.
I still highly recommend Computers For the Blind and am not in any way saying I’m not pleased with what they’ve done for me.
For just $180.00 I got a very nice laptop and if I were not running so many large pieces of software on my system which require a lot of things to be in place this computer would be more than worth the money I paid for it. What I mean to say is that for the average computer user even with their screen reader etc. this computer would be well worth its salt.
Anyhow, the tech help I’m going to receive is going to require my computer to be sent to another town for the work to be done and when this takes place I will not have a computer. I will try to let everyone know ahead of time when this will take place, so just standby for news.
OK. That’s all for now. I’m moving slow today, as Campbell and I stayed out late last evening enjoying our Crazy Eights Road Race which happens every year during the beginning of Fun Fest. Fun Fest is a big festival we have every year here, and there are lots of great activities.
I’d hoped to be at some of them selling books, but I was not able to do that for various reasons, but they will soon be scheduling for next year and I plan to get myself a spot.
Yawl have a great day. I’m going for more coffee and breakfast.

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