Tech Trials Yet Again and Some Things On My Mind

Tech Trials Yet Again and Some Things On My Mind

Good morning campbellsworld visitors.

I hope this message finds all of you doing super great. Here at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing we’re enduring yet more tech trials, and to say I’m feeling rather annoyed would be a major understatement.

Last evening, my computer attempted to take a Windows update, and before I could stop it, it had begun, and in the process of its beginning, my talking screen reader disengaged, and though I waited for a long time, then restarted it, other than a brief moment it has not seen fit to work properly again.

During its brief moment of working, I found many of my Microsoft Software features not working correctly and so thinking the update had scrambled something, I decided to do a system restore, and somehow have managed to make things worse. So, until I can get someone sighted to read the screen, and can follow whatever instructions are there which I obviously cannot read due to my screen reader’s being unable to engage with the computer I’m dead in the water and am once again am dependent on my phone.

Rather than struggle with the phone, I’ve decided to simply take the day off, and do other things until I can get back up and running on the computer.

These kinds of things are very difficult to deal with for blind persons because no one has ever seen fit to make it so the screen reading software can start working immediately upon the computer start up whether Windows has loaded or not, and to you Apple Mac users, please do not send me tons of messages which say that’s why you use a Mac. I cannot afford one, and have no intent of switching. If you can afford the high cost of Apple products, YAY for you. At this point I cannot even manage to get and keep a decent internet wireless connection, and have trouble just managing monthly expenses. I’ve no outside help as many do, and so am on my own here financially as wwell as in many other ways.

However, that doesn’t bother me all that much because at least when I say I’m living on my own independently, that’s what I truly mean.

This leads me to the next thing which is on my mind.

While there’s no shame in receiving help with things, if someone is paying bills for you, or giving you money every month you are not one-hundred-percent self reliant. I do not consider myself one-hundred-percent self-reliant because I am still receiving government assistance in the form of Food Stamps, and I receive Meals On Wheels. Again, there’s no shame in my receiving this assistance, and there were many years when I paid taxes while working a full-time job, so I don’t feel guilty for having said assistance, but you’ll not catch me saying things like “I’m totally independent” when it’s simply not true.

Being “totally independent” means you are making enough money to pay all of your bills on your own, buy all your own food, clothing, and meet all your other personal needs on your own without one thin dime’s worth of help from another. That, is that, and I’m sick to death of people who constantly take help in one form or another, who talk about all the fancy electronics they own, take Uber rides everywhere they go rather than hoofing it or riding the bus, and who are found ordering pizza and other take-out or delivery foods every single weekend. If you cannot pay your own way, and someone else is helping you, it’s high time you started spending that money you’re wasting on Uber rides, and take-out or delivery food and started putting it toward your rent, power, etc.

If this line of thought pinches your toes, get new shoes. I bust my hump every-day just to manage, and I have no pride in having to still at 51-years-old receive government assistance and I for one was proud as hell when I worked a job which allowed me to come off all that. Nothing gave me greater pleasure when I was able to call my food stamps worker years ago and say to her that I no longer qualified for, or needed that assistance. It gives me pleasure now to know I can at least pay the majority of my bills on my own, and I’m just as happy to ride the bus or walk somewhere as I would be taking a cab or Uber, in fact, in many ways I lie it better because I know on the bus or my feet, I’m not going to have to worry about some idiot telling me my dog can’t ride.

Another thing I’m starting to become seriously annoyed with are people who claim to have no time to do things like submit articles to help promote themselves, or keep other commitments they themselves decided to make that I see up on Facebook day after day for hours a day chatting aimlessly about the latest video they watched on Netflix, or some dumb news article they saw in some gossip mag or heard on the various chat lines. People, if you’ve got hours a day to waste sitting on FB, you’ve got time to do all the stuff you say you’ve no time for.

Yesterday my day began at 4 AM. I started working at my job which I committed to at Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing and though I worked on other projects like taking Campbell to the vet to drop him for a bath, washing his bedding, and vacuuming up mountains of dog hair, I worked steadily all day long on sharing the materials sent to me by my clients who are serious about getting the word out about their books, blogs, or businesses, and I didn’t stop until after 6 at night.

When I did finally stop work, I sat down with one of my client’s books, and read until nearly 10 PM so I could more accurately promote her. I intend to read at the very least each one of my client’s latest books this year so I can better promote them. My secret? Time management. I don’t spend hours a day watching mindless TV. I don’t spend hours a day having worthless conversations which include smearing my friends on the various chat lines, and I don’t waste my time with a bunch of political jabber about which I can do nothing. Our government is screwed up I voted, and continue to do so, and other than that I can do nothing for it.

I’m certain there will be some who will hit the unfollow button here. I’m certain there will be blow back to my rant, and I’m certain I just don’t care. There are plenty of others who feel as I do and so I figure I’m in good company.

I know there are lots of you out there busting your humps like me. Some are working on new manuscripts, while holding down other jobs. Some are working full-time and still sending me work to help promote themselves. Others, are raising families, and taking 15 minutes here and there to work on a writing project or two, and there are some, who have extenuating circumstances, such as sick loved ones, or tech issues they’ve not yet resolved who are taking a break from everything until they can get back on track, but to you who simply whimper you have no time, when you waste more hours a week than there are in one day, I’ve got one thing to say. For you, i’ve “No time.”

This is Patty, who is done with her rant, and King Campbell who is waiting for his morning feeding and walk saying…

Either poop or get off the pooper.

May harmony find you, and Blessid be.


  1. I am sorry to read of your IT problems, Patty. About a year ago a Windows update stopped JAWS (version 17) from working, consequently I ended up purchasing JAWS (version 19) which solved the issue, but was costly! I did try to go back to an earlier version of Windows, however, for whatever reason JAWS still didn’t function, hence having to buy the latest version of my screen reading software. I hope you soon get your tech issues sorted out. Best – Kevin

    1. Hi, thank you for reading and commenting. I have the latest version of jaws, and I really don’t know what the matter is here. It’s extremely frustrating, but, I’m going to load it up shortly, and take it to a friend of mine and have him take it to his house, turn it on, connect it to a good solid wireless connection, I think the problem is that it can’t complete the update process because I don’t have enough data speed transfer to do what needs doing. Working with a hotspot connection is frustrating at times. Anyway, I’m sure it will sort it self. I have plenty of other things to do to keep me busy today. Like all the housework I’m constantly putting off LOL.

      Get Outlook for iOS


  2. Hi Patty, First, I’m glad to hear that Campbell was at the vet’s for a bath yesterday and nothing serious – not that being dirty isn’t a serious thing. 🙂

    I had a similar issue with Windows 7 last week when I updated. It was a big update, and when I re-booted, Jaws was saying the darndest things and nothing worked. I shut it down for a while and it was OK after that, except for Internet Explorer refusing to remember my Word Press password and a few other things. I hope you’re right that your update just couldn’t get itself totally downloaded.

    You make a lot of good points regarding what truly qualifies as being independent. Personally, I don’t know anyone who is truly independent, blind or sighted. I get mad when people insist upon going into debt so they can have every little thing their heart desires. They tend to tell Rich and me how lucky we are, but they don’t want to hear about what we did to stay within our means when we started out.

    Then, again, I guess everyone has the right to be stupid and to lie to themselves and others about why they do or don’t do what they do or don’t do. It’s just a pain to have to listen to it. Hope you’re feeling better having allowed yourself the rant. Huggs.

    1. Donna. Now, more than ever, I’m certain we were separated at birth. LOL. Or we must be related in some way.

      My tech trials aren’t over but they’re easing. Yeah, somehow I felt better after ranting.

      I agree with you that no one is truly independent. We all need help and we all need people.

      Campbell was filthy, but he is so much better now. We went out to the store and he got lots of complements on his shiny fur and big labby grin.

      Thanks for reading and commenting.

      1. Ah, there’s nothing like a clean pup! Enjoy snuggling. I just bought the latest Jaws. I chose the annual license for $90 and got a discount code. They’ve doubled their prices since I bought my last license and upgrades. Hugs.

        1. I won’t have to renew anything until next year and I’ll get a discount.

          I understand they’re going to have some mighty discounts at the conventions this year.

          1. They gave me a code that dropped the one-year price from $90 to $9. Yes, that’s nine dollars for one year. I wanted to get three years, because I’m sure they’ll be raising their prices, but the code only works on the one year plan. I thought that was a little nuts of them. I wanted to pay them $180 for two of those years but they didn’t want to do that. Are you going to one of the conventions?

          2. Hi. They’re really promoting their software at this point.

            No, not going to a convention. I’d love to. But, financial situation won’t allow.

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