#TarotTuesday – Seven of Swords

#TarotTuesday – Seven of Swords

For me, the card spoke in two ways. First, it confirmed something I’d been suspecting for a while, and that is that I’ve a friend, who is not such a great friend after all. This person is a gossip and is someone who I’ve recently learned will, if he doesn’t know the whole of something simply make it up as he goes along.
For many years I believed him to be a true friend but now things have come to light which say different. This card says that what I didn’t want to believe is so.
Next, I too must give up some things to make better use of my time and so I can be more productive not only for my own career but for the betterment of my business as a whole.
So, great card all the way around.


  1. I love that the card resonated with you, Patty. Thank you for reblogging!

    1. Hi Jan.

      You’re very welcome.

      When I first saw the card I thought, what? But, then I read it and understood.

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