#TarotTuesday – Page of Pentacles

#TarotTuesday – Page of Pentacles

This card resonates with me in a huge way.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve been given several financial boosts, and even have, with “A Little Help From My Friends” managed to get a new computer.

My professional career is set to take off in a real way and seeing this card this week only confirms that which I know is yet to come.

As I am typing this the mail carrier has just delivered several packages which contain things I truly needed that I was able to order due to my financial boost.

No coincidence that it would come as I see this card.




via #TarotTuesday – Page of Pentacles


  1. What a great confirmation, Patty!! I love it when the Universe works with such amazing synchronicity! Best wishes for your new venture, and thanks for the reblog!

    1. Hi.

      You’re welcome for the reblog.

      Just now, I tried on something I bought. It won’t fit, but rather than going through the horror of trying to return something on Amazon, I’m going to gift it to someone for whom it will be perfect.

      I love it when that happens. I can just order another thing in a bigger size.


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