Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing chats with Christian author Jena R. Fellers #Author’sCorner

Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing chats with Christian author Jena R. Fellers #Author’sCorner

Here’s another incredible episode of Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing featuring Christian author Jena R. Fellers.

Talk to Tell-It-To-The-World Marketing chats with Christian author Jena R. Fellers

NOV 22, 2020 SEASON 2


In this episode, Christian author Jena R. Fellers shares with us a faith–centered true story.
Jena also shares glimpses into her life as a pastor’s wife, mother, and grandmother and how she made the decision that her blindness would not keep her from all she desired to do.
Jena and I hope listening to this episode will help you, change your focus.

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  1. I enjoyed listening to this before dawn in the quiet of my office. Well done, Ladies. Jena it is nice to know your story and I wish you much success in all your endeavors. I think you could be called, Rev. Mrs. Energizer Bunny – your daily schedule sounds like a commercial. Nice also to hear you have homeschooled. When I was teaching at a Christian College in PA, until my retirement, I found that often the home schooled students were far beyond typical students – they were able to be on their own, were usually highly motivated, and were stellar students. Most homeschooled students were far more prepared for that first year of college than a typical student who has attended public schools. I raised my 5 children and periodically helped to raise many other children in our home – and looking back on those years, the one thing I wish I had done is homeschooling. I realize, looking back on it, that the homeschooled students are much more focused and prepared for successful lives. Many of these kids also come from large families – like 6-8 children in the family. What remarkable role models they had right in the home. Thank you for sharing a little part of your life in this interview.

    1. Good morning Lynda.

      I told myself when I posted this that you’d listen and that I’d hear back from you when you were through.

      I so very much appreciate this.

      I shall make certain Jena sees this and that she is able to either reply here or directly to you.

      Thanks again and have a Magnificent #SocialMediaMonday

      Patty L. Fletcher

      Self-Published Author and Social Media Promotional Assistant


      Website: .

      Food For Thought

      We all are the Light, automatically. So we really don’t have to go too much further than that. We all have a Light within us – it is the Soul; it is that spark of God, of the Divine, that activates our consciousness.

      -John-Roger, DSS

      Source: New Day Herald website

    2. Lynda, Hearing you speak of listening to me in the quiet of your office sounded scary to me. LOL. Your nicknames for me were pretty good and I enjoyed getting to know part of you as well in your comment. I observed the same as your observations of home school families at home school conferences, making me decide for sure. However, my family had ADHD and didn’t share those same results. I bet you could tell some stories from raising 5 yourself. My two oldest were step, and teens when I got married so I had an instant family. Our daughter came two years later. Nothing normal about me. LOL. Thanks again for taking time to listen and comment.

      1. Hi Jena, Lynda and All.
        I’ve several family members who have had to deal with the hyper activity disorders and some have grown up successful right from the start and did well overcoming the disability and others didn’t.
        I think lots of things go into play where those sorts of things are concerned.

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