Tales from the Irish Garden – Serialisation – Chapter Ten – Summer: After the Festival by Sally Cronin


  1. Thank you for sharing Patty… hugs xx

    1. You’re welcome. I cannot wait to find out what happens next. LOL.

      I yelled at the computer when it ended this time.

      1. Good to hear Patty.. another Chapter tomorrow..hugsx

        1. I loved that bossy sister was turned into a deer. Loved how she was munching along, and well, the whole thing was quite delightful.

          Good thing she wasn’t turned into a donkey. LOL. That’s what my sister would’ve been turned into had it been me. LOL.

          Well, my middle sister anyhow. My oldest one would probably be a parrot as she’s forever yammering on about this, that, and the other thing, only to repeat it all again when she’s done. LOL.

          1. Sisters… interesting relationships but still always sisters…hugsx

          2. Yeah.

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